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Klim F5 Koroyd Helmet | Product Spotlight

 Next Generation Off-Road Helmet

Klim is known in the off-road world for the best gear on the market. Their helmets are top of the line when it comes to protection and comfort.  They have made an even better helmet better, with the  F5 series Koroyd Helmets, are here at! Built on the already proven F5 series chassis, the shell is made from a carbon fiber construction, keeping it lightweight than it’s competition.


The major difference between the Koroyd and the other F5s is the addition of it being a MIPS certified helmet. The Koroyd comes in at  $649.99 but makes no mistake about it, for that price, what you get is a helmet that is hard to beat in almost every aspect.


F5 Series Koroyd Helmet, Abyss.


The F5 Koroyd Helmet comes only in two different styles, Chasm Orange and Abyss Matte Black. Which is kind of a bummer but I would assume that in the future we could see more. Neither of these helmets uses a flashy graphics to draw you in. It uses a strong use of line and color to do the work. The Abyss black, for example, uses 2 contrasting colors to really stand out, the black and this really bright and almost harsh electric green.

The Klim F5 helmet was designed for the rigors of the toughest off-road race in the world, Erzberg.


How the Koroyd Breathes

Another aspect borrowed from the F5 is the ventilation ports across the helmet, more specifically the ones on the top of the helmet. The F5 series helmets are designed to release radiant heat.  So when you are pushing yourself, you start to put off heat. Instead of having it build up inside the helmet, the 4 extra vents on the top of the Koroyd helmet are there to release a lot of that excess heat.

F5 Koroyd Chasm Orange Helmet, Showcasing Top Ventilation Ports
F5 Series Helmet Top Ventilation Ports


The F5 Koroyd Series Helmet is DOT certified for on road use but is ideal for off-road.  In the case of cold weather or snowy conditions, some of the EPS liners can be removed and a Goretex liner can be added to prevent the escape this excess heat.

Under the Hood…err…Helmet

On the inside of the helmet, there are 3 separate EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam layers. Each one of is a different density and weight. Klim has made a great effort to not compromise protection but not have another 10 pounds above your shoulders.

The Koroyd Helmet is a  MIPS certified helmet. A new feature for a Klim helmets. MIPS is an acronym that stands for Multi-Directional Impact protection System. Simply put, the MIPS system is to protect the brain by allowing certain layers to move. How it does this is with the use of a low friction base layer. This layer allows for independent movement from the outer shell.

MIPS Diagram
How the MIPS layer works


When a helmet with MIPS is subjected to an impact, the low friction base layer will be able to shift with the head. This helps to reduce the overall force of impact. The impact force is then redirected to other points on the interior of the helmet, allowing the EPS layers to absorb more of the force. carries many other MIPS certified helmets as well. If that is something you are interested in be sure to check them out!(Look for the yellow MIPS icon) If you want to learn more about MIPS and how it works, their website has a lot of good material on how they test helmets and then which brands have their technology implemented. The F5 Koroyd Helmet is the start of a new direction of Klim. The implementation MIPS and improvements to their already fantastic technologies propel this helmet to new heights. Be sure to check out the rest of the helmets from the new 2018 Klim collection as well as their other protective gear, here at!


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