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Leatt DBX 2018 Collection | MTB

Leatt DBX 2018… Wow.

MTB is gaining popularity at a similar rate to many of the other extreme sports out there. And the new Leatt DBX 2018 gear line will only magnify that popularity shift! Mountain biking has become more and more intense over the years. There are more jumps more drop offs for a more exciting ride. Everyone wants to try and up the ante for every course. This of course puts the rider at a higher and higher risk of falling and potential injury.  There is a lot of protective gear out there but for 2018 Leatt has got you covered.

The entire 2018 collection is broken up into 2 sections. One half of the collection is devoted to GPX gear and the other is for DBX gear For now I am only be going over the DBX half.

DBX 2.0 Helmet & 3.0 All Mountain Helmet
Left: DBX 2.0 Helmet Right: DBX 3.0 All Mountain Helmet

Grab That Helmet!

Let’s start with the helmets first. There is something for everyone in terms of color and design. There are flat colors, fluorescent colors of blue, red and yellow. However,  I can sometimes get stuck thinking about fashion aspect instead the overall function, sue me!

What really matters in the end is how is this stuff going to help you when you take a bad fall. The DBX 3.0 helmet as well as the DBX 2.0 helmets come equipped with number of features that when combined provide comfort and protection.

For example, the DBX 3.0 All Mountain Helmet is made from a robust poly-carbonate shell. Then molded on the inside is an EPS liner, which is that usually dark grey foam. The EPS liner itself has extra protection in the form of what are referred to as “Turbines”.

Inside view of the DBX 3.0 All Mountain Helmet.
The inner side of the DBX 3.0 all mountain helmet from ~

Comfort Meets Protection.

These small circular pieces with spokes are made from a plastic material that is primarily used for military and police body protection. The purpose of it all is to further aid the skull to shock from impact. When you fall the helmet is supposed to rotate around the skull for less than a millisecond. Both the DBX 2.0 and DBX 3.0 helmets have this feature. Lastly, there is a cushy liner that is removable as well as machine washable. Which is definitely a perk.  If you want a more in-depth look at the DBX 3.0 All mountain helmet, check out this spotlight dedicated to only that helmet.

Keeping the ball rolling the next most important piece of protection would be the chest protection.  There are quite a number of new options to choose from in the Leatt 2018 collection. This includes, the Roost Tee, 3DF Body vest,  3DF Shoulder Tee, 3DF Back Protector and the Body Protector.  All of these options are light weight, made from moisture wicking fabrics and breathable. Important to note that these should also be hand washed and not machine washed.

Full Body Protector 3DF Airfit
Leatt- Body Protector 3DF Airfit.

Leatt Protection

I want to quickly add there are some new knee guards in the Leatt 2018 collection. There isn’t much to say except keep those knees protected.  There is also a new knee brace for people like me with an already bad knee.  This is important stuff people don’t get caught without the proper protection.

Now that we have the main protection out of the way it’s time to talk jerseys and pants. Starting with the jerseys, there 4 new styles of jersey. You can choose from long or short sleeve and from a multitude of colors.  All of the new jerseys made with a stretch mesh and moisture wicking fabric. Which means moisture is absorbed and brought closer to the outer part of the fabric for quicker evaporation. These jerseys can be worn with or without body armor (my suggestion is with the protection!). The prices on these jerseys range from 44.99 to 64.99 depending on the style. What you get for that price is very competitive to other brands.

Four Jerseys, DBX 4.0 Ultraweld, DBX 3.0 Short Jersey, DBX 1.0 Jersey, DBX 1.0 Half-Zip Jersey.
from left to right, DBX 4.0 Ultraweld, DBX 3.0 Short Jersey, DBX 1.0 Jersey, DBX 1.0 Half-Zip Jersey

Leatt Does MTB Right.

When looking to the DBX pants, your choices become rather slim. You can either can either choose the DBX 1.0 shorts or the DBX 4.0 pants from the new 2018 collection.  One the issues is, not every jersey will have a direct matching pair of pants or shorts. The good thing is that the shorts are made from a compression fabric that wicks moisture from the rider and is breathable.  Here at BTOsports there are more shorts and pants that we carry aside from the ones from the new Leatt DBX 2018 collection. Be sure to check that out!

To wrap up the Leatt 2018 DBX gear collection is the set of gloves and I have to say it is one spicy set. There is so much going on, it is probably my favorite part of the whole collection. I want to focus on the 1.5 Gripr collection because there is the most variance. Each glove is pre-curved and pre-fit for a snug fit. These gloves’ grip are made to work wet or dry because of the micron grip palm.

Four Gripr Gloves, Leopard, Tattoo, Skull, Art
DBX 1.5 Gripr Glove: Leopard. Tattoo, Skull, Art

Leatt DBX 2018 @ BTO Sports!

This is only the first half to the spotlight on the Leatt DBX 2018 collection. Be sure to look out for the GPX spotlight being released soon! Finally, be sure to look through the whole Leatt DBX 2018 collection here at!

Corey Wright
I'm Corey, ever since I was little I loved bicycles. My first first bike was a mongoose and I took that thing everywhere. I would race the neighbor kids and always won, good times. Being older now my love of riding hasn't changed. I have shifted more into mountain biking though. Nothing too intense. I am in it for a nice ride and the scenery these days,

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