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Leatt DBX Trail Helmet | Spotlight

Leatt Brings Big-Time Safety to MTB!

From the good people at Leatt comes exciting news for MTB and Enduro riders around the world. The Leatt DBX helmet has been unveiled, and it is impressive… MOST IMPRESSIVE!
Enduro is still the buzz word in mountain biking. Moreover, 2017 products are dropping thick and fast. Last week we saw the Giro Switchblade. And now we see the awesome new Leatt DBX Enduro helmet launch.The Leatt DBX Enduro is an open face enduro/trail helmet with a bolt on jaw guard. Moreover, it uses 360 technology that offers protection against rotational injuries. It is truly the latest and greatest!

Leatt DBX 5.0 Composite V12 Helmet

The Leatt DBX 5.0 Composite V12 Helmet has many features that riders will find appealing. The outer shell of the helmet is 10% smaller. The reduced shell is not only better for performance, it adds more protection than a larger shell would. By reducing the size of the shell, the rotation forces are also reduced… By as much as 20% to the neck, head, and brain. The inner lining is made of 3D in-molded V-foam that makes for a more comfortable fit.  Almost as comfy as nothing at all! The lining is made of moisture wicking material to prevent sweat build up.

The Goods…

The lining is made out of an Anti-odor material that can be removed and washed. The Leatt DBX 5.0 Composite V12 Helmet is also a very cool helmet. This helmet is one of the most ventilated mountain bike or BMX helmets on the market. The helmet is constructed with as many ventilation panels as possible, without compromising the overall protection. The vents are optimized for downhill racing and BMX, but are also effective at low speeds.

This is a very cool helmet, in every sense of the word. The Leatt 5.0 composite is fully compatible with a Leatt neck brace, but can be worn with or without the brace. All of these great features and more make the Leatt 5.0 Composite is one of the best mountain bike helmets available.


Like most Leatt products, safety is paramount! And the DBX Enduro is built for maximum protection in the types of crash you are likely to have.

What separates Leatt DBX helmets from other helmet brands is the groundbreaking 360° Turbine technology. In between the hard outer shell and the soft inner lining of the helmet are a series of protective turbines. These turbines are crafted out of 3D molded Armourgel®, a material that hardens upon impact and deforms to absorb impact. The turbines become more effective as the strength of the impact increases.

The helmet reduces up to 30% of impact forces at concussion level. The turbines help protect the rider from blunt trauma, but also rotational force. Probably every time! By deforming to the direction of impact, the turbines protect against rotational acceleration that lead to neck injuries. Rotational acceleration is reduced by as much as 40%. The Leatt DBX 5.0 composite V12 Helmet is one of the most protective and best mountain bike helmets on the market.




Alongside the DBX 3.0 all-mountain open face helmet is the convertible DBX Enduro helmet.

Both helmets feature the same technology. Yet the Enduro offering is a bolt on jaw guard for racing and riding in more demanding terrain. As a result, it’s very simple to remove! Consequently, it is stowed in your riding pack with ease. Furthermore, it offers that extra protection you need for Enduro racing. Simply put, it makes sense for a lot of modern mountain bike riding that doesn’t require a heavier, bulkier full face helmet. As a result, it is a better helmet.

Here are the main highlights:

  1. Two models – All Mountain and Enduro
  2. 18 vents
  3. Two click seperation of jaw guard via buckle
  4. Magnetic Fidlock buckle
  5. Breakaway visor
  6. Goggle compatible – visor moves up out the way
  7. Hydration system ready
  8. Outer shell in 3 sizes
  9. 360 Turbine Technology – prevents rotational injury using a similar concept to the MIPS system. But uses 3D moulded Armourgel which stiffens on impact to protect against vertical impact.
  10. Up to 30% less impact for the head while still looking stylish.
  11. Up to 40% less rotational acceleration to the head and brain. Again, while still looking stylish.
  12. Chin bar conforms to ASTM1952 standard. While looking stylish!
  13. Helmet certifies and passes EN1078, CPSC 1203
  14. Weight – 700grams(+/-50g) with chin bar, 375g (+/-50g) with.
  15. Prices TBC

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