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Leatt Helmets 2019 | Product Spotlight

Leatt Helmets

New helmets from the safety leader

As the new year approaches, you are able to utilize the opportunity to browse through new 2019 motocross products and all of the new improvements motocross companies, like Leatt, have made to their lines of motocross gear.

Leatt certainly made the most of this opportunity as they have propelled themselves to the top step of the podium with their new line of 2019 Leatt Helmets. When you’re involved in a sport where crashing happens more often than not, having the proper Motocross protection can either make or break your ride!

With major technological improvements and substantial scientific research, Leatt is able to integrate, test, and manufacture some of the best products on the market.

If you’re in the market for a new helmet, then you came to the right place! Here at BTO Sports, we have the entire collection at just a CLICK away!


Leatt Helmets
Leatt GPX 6.5 Carbon V19.1 Helmet. -$499.99

Leatt has taken the holeshot in the helmet race with their new 2019 Gpx 6.5 Carbon Helmet. This helmet comes equipped with their category-defining 360° Turbine Technology and they are both ECE and Dot certified, giving you one of the safest helmets out there. Its multi-density, V-shaped impact foam is molded directly to the outer shell which significantly reduces the G-Forces transferred from the helmet to your head and brain.


This new 2019 Leatt GPX 6.5 Carbon helmet will also reduce up to 30% of the head impact at concussion level because Leatt has reduced the volume of the entire outer shell, ultimately resulting in a significant decrease of rotational acceleration.  The GPX 6.5 Carbon Helmet is constructed with a moisture-wicking & anti-odor inner liner, an emergency cheek pad removal, and a visor breakaway function for a rotational reduction in a crash. Not to mention its brand new look for 2019!

Leatt Helmet
Leatt GPX 6.5 Carbon Helmet

There is no doubt that you will be riding in style with the matte black carbon fiber print! With an array of thick white stripes across the helmet mixed with a carbon fiber accent, this 2019 Leatt  GPX 6.5 Carbon helmet will turn heads wherever you ride. This 2019 Leatt Helmet is super lightweight, approximately 2.94 Lbs., and comes in 3 different shell sizes providing a size for every rider.


This helmet is valued in the upper levels but will be worth every penny. Head protection should be taken seriously and Leatt understands the severity of how common head injuries are in our sport, so do yourself a favor and get a motocross helmet that provides you with the best of both worlds: protection and appearance.


Leatt Helmets
Leatt GPX 5.5 Composite V19.1 – $399.99

If Black Carbon print is not your thing, don’t fret, Leatt has also released other new and improved options for you to choose from. Two Different versions to be exact! The GPX 5.5 Composite Helmet ( V19.2 and V19.1) embraces all of the remarkable protection aspects of the carbon helmet, so if you’re looking to save a few extra bucks without sacrificing performance then look no further!

Leatt Helmet
Leatt 5.5 Composite V19.2 Helmet – $399.99

However, it is a composite material weighing in around 3.02 Lbs. This helmet is a mid-level price and is available in 4 different colorways, giving you several options to transform your appearance.


Leatt Helmet
Leatt 4.5 V19.2 Helmet – $229.99

Attempting to be appealing to riders of all experience, Leatt has one more option up their sleeve. The GPX 4.5 Helmet which is made up of an injected polymer compound shell that reduces 30% of head impact at concussion level. This helmet also includes all of the significant protection features such as 360° Turbine Technology, visor breakaway feature, and emergency cheek pad removal.

This Helmet also is neck brace compatible, and is hydration ready, providing you the option for a hands-free kit. This Helmet can keep up in the race with the other helmets from Leatt but will take home the W with its appealing lower level price tag. The GPX 4.5 gives you the option of 5 different colors for you to choose from.


Leatt Helmet
Leatt GPX 4.5 V19.2 Helmet – $229.99


360° Turbine Technology

Leatt Helmets
360° Turbine Technology

The New 2019 Leatt Helmets comes with their 360° Turbine Technology. Turbines are constructed from Armourgel material, a non-Newtonian material which hardens upon impact. It consists of a 3D In-Molded V Foam that deforms and compresses to better absorb impact and reduces the G-Forces transferred to the brain and head upon impact. It is said to reduce rotational acceleration and Linear G-Forces at concussion level-up to 40%


The 2019 Leatt Helmets have arrived here at BTO Sports, making us the best option for all of your Leatt Helmet and gear necessities. Leatt has proved once again they are redefining limits in the industry providing 4 new helmets in up to 10 new colorways providing numerous options for every rider; All the while still delivering maximum protection and comfort in all of their products.

…And did we mention that Leatt even has some youth Gpx Helmets?? If you’re shopping for your young rider, search no further! Head over to BTO Sports now to shop for Leatt Jr GPX Helmets  <—  Click here Now


At BTO Sports we not only have the product you’re looking for, but we also have the friendly sales reps available to help you with any of your ordering needs, at simply a phone call away! Don’t forget to place your order and #BeTheOne with BTO Sports.

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