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Leatt Velocity Goggles | Spotlight

Leatt Velocity Goggle - Product Spotlight

Leatt Velocity Goggle:

For the first time ever, the inventors of the Leatt Brace, have unveiled their brand-new range of goggles. The Velocity 6.5 Goggles are a great addition to the Leatt fleet but by the looks of them, they will surely be a new fan favorite. The goggle range comes in 3 different styles; 6.5 Iriz, 6.5, and the 6.5 Roll-Off and they are available in up to 17 different colorways between the three styles!

So before we take a closer look, let’s check out the video below- direct from the BTO Sports YouTube Channel. Hit up our channel and “Ring the Bell” to get post notifications for when we upload next:  

Leatt has certainly collected ample data and testing before creating their new Velocity goggles. A team of Leatt inventors in Cape Town, South Africa drafted the design for the new goggle. The results are impeccable.

The Velocity goggles were manufactured, to fit well for most, and to be able to be worn over glasses and to work in all riding conditions. The goggles also have an easy clip-in/out lens which helps to easily clean or change out lenses when needed. Additionally, They come with a self-draining feature built into the frame as well, in the event that water ever gets inside.

Goggle Construction:

The frame of the Velocity Goggle has been constructed with a dual-density design that has a soft inner along with a rigid outer frame. Further, the goggle has triple-layer dual density foam for maximum comfort and to help keep dirt and debris out of your eyes. It also benefits from preventing the lens from hitting you upon impact. The foam also seals well because of its three layers and has an anti-sweat fleece backing built in. On top of all that, the goggles have an out-rigger design for easy roll-off attachment and come with a 50mm anti-slip coated goggle strap to keep them from sliding down the back of the helmet.

The goggles have an anti-glare, anti-fog lens with Wide Vision providing you with a 170° field of vision. The lenses have a scratch resistant outer coating, plus are optically correct with a tapered thickness. However, the most rad aspect of the lenses on the Velocity Goggles is that they are BULLETPROOF and certified to Military Ballistic Standard. Built durable, the Velocity goggles are, ” tough enough to look the Thrill right in the eye without backing down!”

Goggle Breakdown

Leatt 6.5 Velocity Iris Goggle
Leatt 6.5 Velocity Iris Goggle

The 6.5 Velocity Iriz has 6 colorways to choose from all which come with a mirrored lens. Next up is the 6.5 velocity goggle, this is offered in 7 different colorways with options of both clear or colored lenses. Last but not least, the roll-off goggles available in four colors available with either clear or a yellow lens. There are nine replacement anti-fog lenses ranging from 20 – 83% Visible Light Transmission (VLT). The lenses are all interchangeable since they all have the same fit and design.

Goggle Protection

Sometimes goggles are just another colored decoration you get to match to your gear to make a gear kit look even better than it already does. People may forget that goggles are a major aspect of protection when swinging their leg over the bike. However, with the new Leatt Velocity 6.5 Goggles, you are going to get the best of both worlds; super level protection and the best-looking accessory to complement to your riding gear.

Not to mention purchasing these goggles won’t break the bank. For the quality of the goggles, you will certainly get more than what your money’s worth. The whole line of Velocity 6.5 goggles, as well as other great Leatt gear, are available now at So be sure to head on over and check out all the greatness. With these goggles, you’ll want to pull the trigger quickly and order yourself a pair before they sell out.

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