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Leatt Z-Frame Knee Brace | Spotlight


Modernize Your Protection with the Leatt Z-Frame Knee Brace.

Howdy, Folks! Today we proudly unveil the latest MX product from Leatt. It’s the new Z-Frame Knee Brace, which combines a host of new protective technologies along with a price that’s too low to fully comprehend! If you’re going to hit the tracks and trails this year, it’s time to upgrade your protective gear. And at this value, you just ran out of excuses.

First, let’s check out the video below- direct from the BTO Sports YouTube Channel. These videos are popping up all the time- so hit up the channel on the regular! Enjoy:

The all-new Z-Frame gets its close-up…

Needless to say, Leatt learns a lot developing their flagship C-Frame Carbon Knee Brace. And they’ve now responded to the popular request for a good knee brace that won’t break the bank. Thanks for pushing us!

Furthermore, the new Z-Frame is not as stiff as the popular C-Frame… or even the top-shelf X-Frame Brace. Rather, it’s chassis is housed in glass-filled nylon for comfort. Moreover, a Carbon Injected knee cup for a rigidity that every rider wants.

As a result, the Z-Frame reduces ACL, Meniscus, and MCL injury risk. The Z-Frame is also CE certified as both medical device and motocross protective gear. In short, this is a clear upgrade without the lofty price tag that usually accompanies a clear upgrade.

Z-Frame Knee Brace Features

First off, Leatt is always taking new approaches to preventing knee injuries. Much like their neck braces, their knee braces have a more radical design than others on the market. Secondly, these braces simply possess better comfort! As well as a lower profile under the motocross boots. As a result, you have race-worthy performance… every time.

  • Injected Composite chassis
  • Slim hinges for superior bike feel
  • Aluminium hinge covers for rigidity and endurance
  • Reduction of forces to limit knee injuries:
    • ACL, Meniscus and MCL
  • Certified as medical device:
    • EU CA014741
    • USA FDA 10048761
  • CE tested and certified as impact protection:
    • Knee EN1621-1
  • Hyper extension limitations 5º, 10º, 15º and 20º for ACL injury reduction
  • Low-profile shin bone pad for excellent boot fit
  • Comfortable, easy-fitting and low-profile strap system
  • Pair w/the Leatt Knee Brace Socks for ultimate comfort
  • Customized fit with interchangeable hinge padding sizes
  • Size: S-XL

The stiffer chassis and premier cage-hinge construction make these X-Frames an absolute must-have for today’s dirt bike riding. And much like purchasing dirt bike helmets, you don’t want to ‘go cheap’ on knee protection… right? Maybe it’s time to get rid of your flimsy knee guards/protectors and graduate to a knee brace!

Z-Frame Knee Brace @ BTO Sports

In conclusion, these are the knee braces you want if you’re a rider on a budget, but still want the best for your cash. And they are right here, in stock and ready to ship at BTO Sports. We have all the latest motocross apparel ready to roll out. Furthermore, we have the dirt bike parts you need too… all under one roof. So you can just come here, get EVERYTHING you need- and then hit the dirt! Come on by today and see for yourself. We have it all- and at prices you will not believe.

Chris Leahy
CL has been blogging it up for BTO Sports since the days when Bob "Hurricane" Hannah ruled the motocross roost. In fact, his guerilla-style coverage of the now-infamous "Massacre at Saddleback" is now considered one of the great MX blogs of all time. Enjoy the blogs, folks- that's the whole idea!