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LS2 Helmets 2017 | Product Spotlight


LS2 is always at the forefront of helmet technology. Their passion for safety, design and functionality has fueled their efforts to design their best lineup yet. The engineers at LS2 have worked hand-in-hand with riders to develop the brand new 2017 line of helmets. Involving them in the design process allows LS2 to deliver exactly what riders need to perform and compete at the highest level.  LS2 helmets give riders the confidence needed to test their boundaries and push their limits!

Full Face LS2 Helmets

The revamped full face helmets from LS2 are a healthy mix of old and new. The 2017 line features the new Breaker FF390 Helmet, made for the open road. This full face touring helmet is designed for long distance travel; engineered to keep the rider comfortable and protected.The Breaker is available in a monochrome palette or with colorful graphics to satisfy the demanding tastes of riders.

full face ls2 helmets
Vector Orion LS2 helmets

For the riders who like to stick with the tried & true, all of their existing full face models received new colors and graphics. Why mess with perfection, right? The new designs are highlighted by the Yonny Hernandez Replica Helmet and the Vector Orion. Additionally, LS2 managed to give their helmets a fresh new look while keeping all of their great helmet features intact. Their full face helmets still have that wide eye port for maximum road visibility and an abundance of ventilation ports to stay cool.

Open Face LS2 Helmets

open face ls2 helmets
Kurt/ Bobber LS2 helmets

Vintage style helmets are making a comeback these days, thanks to helmets like the Biltwell Bonanza among others. LS2 has done a great job of combining the classic aesthetic with modern technology. Models like the Kurt/ Bobber feature an open face design with a modernized HPFC shell and lazor cut foam. Many of the open face LS2 helmets received new colors and designs in 2017 to keep up with the resurgence of vintage style head protection. The open face is great for keeping cool on those hot summer rides and enjoying the breeze!

Half Helmets

Rebellion LS2 Helmets
Rebellion HH590 LS2 Helmets

LS2 has designed a whole new class of head protection for 2017, intended to protect the head and nothing more. The LS2 half helmets are devoid of decadence and fancy frills. The LS2 Rebellion HH590 and the Stripper HH531 are both certified by the Department of Transportation. This is about as bare bones as it gets to qualify as a legal motorcycle helmet. The exterior shells are made out of durable kinetic polymer alloy (KPA), supplemented by a layer of EPS foam for shock absorption. This brand new half helmet lineup was designed for the no-nonsense, minimalist rider.

Off-Road Helmets

LS2, mostly known for their street helmets, has continued to expand upon their catalog of off-road helmets. The OHM MX419 Solid adventure helmet is new for the 2017 release.  The MX style shell is equipped with a flip up shield and a removable visor so the rider can alternate between dirt and pavement. The OHM MX419 is built for long range comfort. It is well ventilated like a motocross helmet, which allows riders to breathe while working hard traversing tough terrain.  The OHM, along with the Pioneer MX436, make up the line of dual sport LS2 helmets. The Pioneer received a number of recolorings and sharp new graphics.

OHM Solid
OHM MX419 Solid LS2  helmets


Check out the full 2017 LS2 Helmet line, right here at BTO Sports! We carry only the most trusted names in head protection.

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