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M1 Agroid Gear | Moose Racing


Take Things ‘Next Level’ with the New M1 Agroid Gear.

As the myriad of new motocross apparel options come rolling in this time of year, it takes something extra to stand out in the crowd. But the all-new Moose Racing M1 Agroid Jersey, Pant Combo does just that! Let’s do a deep dive on what makes this gear the must-have of Summer 2019.

First off, this is high quality motocross apparel. With the flashy colors and low price point, many might think that this gear is “all sizzle and no steak”. We’re here to tell you that is quite clearly NOT the case! It all starts with the materials used. Because this stuff is durable– which means long lasting. And that means value, folks!

Now let’s break down these motocross gear combos in greater detail.

M1 Agroid Jersey

To be sure, this is one stylish collection of dirt bike riding gear. And it all starts with the Moose Racing M1 Agroid Jersey. Let’s just take a minute to look at those fresh colors above. Tremendous, right? Great colors with a great design. The M1 Agroid comes to play- no doubt. Moreover, these jerseys are as functional as they are striking. Check the features below!

Jersey Features

  • Improved ventilation with panels of micro mesh in non-roost zones
  • Semi-ventilated polyester in roost zones
  • Custom collar and stretch neck taping for maximum comfort
  • Quick drying fabric removes moisture away from the skin to keep you dry and comfortable
  • Non-restrictive durable stretch mini cuffs
  • High-quality sublimated graphics
  • Available in sizes SM – 3X

This Moose Racing M1 Agroid gear has features in spades. Furthermore, as you can see from the pictures, this gear looks amazing. Moose Racing knows their way around motocross jerseys for sure. But they’ve mastered pants and gloves too. As you will read all about as we continue.

Let’s press onward!

M1 Agroid Pant

As fate would have it, the M1 Agroid Pant is equally up to the task as is the jersey. The same painstaking attention to detail is here in the design of these pants. Killer lines make for the perfect fit. Especially relevant is the price point. You won’t believe that this gear costs so little. Indeed, a tremendous value is at hand… take advantage!

Pant Features

  • High denier polyester chassis with double and triple stitched seams
  • New structured mesh knee panels promote improved ventilation around knee area
  • Sublimated graphics are breathable and non-fading
  • Oversized knee area accommodates motocross protective gear
  • Full grain genuine leather inner panels
  • Reinforced high denier polyester seat panel
  • Pre-bent ergonomic pant design
  • 3-point waist adjustment system allows you to fine tune fit
  • High quality YKK® zipper
  • Available in sizes 28” – 42”

All of the features you find in top-shelf motocross pants are here in the M1 Agroid Pant. Noteworthy right away is the durable polyester main body material. These pants are going to last you a very long time… Talk about value. And really… should we be surprised? After all, this is Moose Racing we’re dealing with here. They’ve always brought quality to the motocross party.

Speaking of quality- let’s check out the gloves…

MX2 Agroid Glove

Nothing makes a day of dirt bike riding more pleasurable than comfortable gear. And the right motocross gloves make all the difference! Moreover, true riders know that there is nothing more important than having solid control over your handlebars.

To that end, Moose Racing submits the MX2 Agroid Gloves to round out this new line of race wear. The colors and design are a perfect match to the Agroid gear- and the features of these gloves will have you immediately singing their praises! Check them out.

Glove Features

  • Sublimated spandex backhand provides breathable, stretch fit for maximum comfort and performance
  • Pre-curved pinched finger design for ergonomic fit
  • Tacky grip print on fingers and palm provide added confidence over your dirt bike controls
  • Breathable and non-fading sublimated graphics
  • Lightweight slip-on glove design
  • Single layer synthetic leather palm for maximum feel
  • Available in sizes SM – 3X

Needless to say, these gloves are the perfect complement to the M1 Agroid apparel. Not only do the match the whole ensemble, they bring an equal amount of race quality technology that you want out of your dirt bike gear! These are just a no-brainer for anyone that is already throwing down on the M1 Agroid jersey and pant. So don’t forget the gloves!

M1 Agroid Gear @ BTO Sports

In conclusion, this new M1 Agroid Racewear from Moose Racing is a phenomenal blend of quality, flash and value. If bold colors are your thing (you know who you are), do not hesitate- grab this gear today. Add a few dirt bike parts for your rocket and get next week’s track time on the books! It’s time to start your 2019 MX season if you haven’t done so already. And here at BTO Sports, we can help expedite that mission. So come on over!

Chris Leahy
CL has been blogging it up for BTO Sports since the days when Bob "Hurricane" Hannah ruled the motocross roost. In fact, his guerilla-style coverage of the now-infamous "Massacre at Saddleback" is now considered one of the great MX blogs of all time. Enjoy the blogs, folks- that's the whole idea!