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Mod Bandit Helmet | Product Spotlight

The Mod Bandit Helmet… New From Simpson.

Get ready, folks- today is going to be fun! Simpson is unleashing their new Mod Bandit Helmet, a versatile piece of head gear for the street rider and the modern-day adventurer. With every conceivable feature you could want in a motorcycle helmet, this offering from Simpson rocks out!

If you’ve been waiting for Simpson to come out with some awesome dual sport helmets, we’re there! Because this helmet pits modular function and convenience with the renowned style and attitude of Simpson.

Next Level…

One hand modular function, communication system ready. Also pin-lock system compatible, this baby’s got an internal sun shield- so motorcycle eyewear is truly optional! And these are just a few highlights of the new Mod Bandit.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more versatile piece of street apparel anywhere. Whether you’re ready to ride across town or around the world, the Mod Bandit offers function and style. If you’re an ADV fanatic- this is the helmet you are looking for.


Let the adventures begin…

Clearly, this helmet is aerodynamically sound. I mean, just look at the lines on this thing. It’s a work of moto art!  It’s truly modern Adventure Riding Gear – that’s for certain. And the price point is anything but prohibitive. For Simpson quality- the price is actually quite reasonable indeed.

Especially relevant to this story is that these Mod Bandits are loaded with tech. Loaded! When you see the spec sheet below, you may just order this helmet straight away. And we couldn’t blame you. Investing in motorcycle protection is always a sage decision. Moreover, the features in this helmet makes this particular purchase even smarter.

In short, ready for anything.

Mod Bandit Helmet Spec Sheet

  • DOT/ECE Certification
  • Tri-Composite or Carbon Fiber Shell Combined w/Polycarbonate Alloy Chin Bar
  • One-Hand Chin Bar Opening
  • Ability to Lock the Chin Bar in the Open Position
  • Metal Chin Bar Locking Components for Strength & Durability
  • Audio Headsets? Check. Communication System Compatibility
  • Multiple Adjustable Intake Vents
The options are endless…
  • Free Flow, Low Pressure Exhaust Vents Aid in Air Extraction
  • Removable, Washable and Anti-Microbial Cheek Pads
  • Interior Pin-lock Shield Insert-Ready
  • Tool-less, Quick-Release, Shield Changing
  • Internal Sun Shield Aids Adventure/Touring Navigation
  • Rear-Facing Cheek Pad Reflective Panels
  • Removable, Noise-Reducing Chin Curtain
  • Traditional, Double D-ring Retention System

These helmets come in a stunning array of great colors too. While Black and Flat Black are always the most popular, the White and the new Carbon colors are equally sleek. There are also a number of quality motorcycle accessories available for these Mod Bandits. So you have a full complement of options for your next ride.

Face the road head-on…

Mod Bandit Helmet @ BTO Sports

In conclusion, these Mod Bandit Helmets from Simpson are changing the way we’re looking at ADV helmets. And if/when you’re ready to add one to your street gear arsenal, come on over to BTO Sports. We have these helmets in stock and ready to ship! Furthermore, we ship greasy fast! And we have all the other motorcycle parts and apparel you need for your next trip. Try us today!



Chris Leahy
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