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Motocross 2012 – Race Report – FINALE (Lake Elsinore)

 The Finale of the 2012 Lucas Oil AMA Pro MX Series – The boys of motocross get an all-new venue and track here in Lake Elsinore- located in the very warm bosom of  southern California. Ryan Dungey had already clinched the 450 Motocross Championship – but that wouldn’t stop him from winning both motos here today. But the big question of the day – Who would take the highly-contested Lites division? We got our answer folks, Blake Baggett has won the 2012 AMA 250 National Motocross Championship! For a venue hosting a major event for the first time – things here at Lake Elsinore were incredibly organized. The entire layout of the grounds made for a superb event experience, and the crowd on hand was  impressive. The weather, warm and sunny in the morning, turned flat-out hot at race time- and the track was quite long and spread out. Great conditions and a tough test for the final battles here of 2012!


For Ryan Dungey, this season may very well go down as his finest. Dominant from the start in Hangtown, he had the Motocross 2012 450cc title wrapped up weeks ago. Not one to rest on his laurels, the man in the orange dirtbike apparel came out hotter than blazes once again, winning both motos here at the final and amassing 19 moto wins out of the season 24! INCREDIBLE. Not enough superlatives in the English language to fully describe the beating he put on the field here in Motocross 2012. No doubt, he will look to carry this momentum into Lommel, Belgium as Team USA looks to repeat at the Motocross of Nations. Then he’ll get a much deserved break before he returns for Supercross 2013.


Lost in the wake of Dungey’s amazing season and the littany of injuries to top riders this summer, was the great season turned in by Mike Alessi. The king of the holeshot- his point total here in Motocross 2012 is head and shoulders above the field as well. One bad fall by Dungey, and it would be Alessi we’d be talking about- and it’s worth noting here at season’s end. Look for him to build on this campaign as well- taking great confidence to Anaheim 1 in January.


The Lites division has been great all summer long: with 5 big-time riders going at it every race. Blake Baggett entered the final here with a slim lead and would need to perform to hang on for the title. Well, he saved his best for last- racing like a man on fire the entire first moto, he won- putting himself in great position. He would need to merely finish the second moto and he would be the champ. As the competitior he is, not only would he finish, he would fall early and then streak through the field towards the front and almost catch Justin Barcia at the end for a sweep. As it is, he takes a 1/2 finish right to the podium as event champion, and more importantly as the 2012 Lites Champion! Congrats to Blake and to all at Team Kawasaki on an amazing finish to an amazing year!


Here’s a look at the final standings for Motocross 2012:




Motocross Results
1. R Dungey 1/1 KTM
2. M Alessi 2/2 SUZ
3. B Tickle 3/3 KAW
4. T Rattray 4/4 KAW
5. J Weimer 5/9 KAW
6. J Brayton 12/5 HON
7. C Craig 7/10 HON
8. A Short 8/13 HON
9. B LaMay YAM
10. W Peick SUZ
11. J Grant KAW
12. Albertson SUZ
13. K Regal YAM
14. N Izzi YAM
15. K Chisholm KAW
16. V Friese SUZ
17. F Noren HON
18. D Anderson KAW
19. P Mull HON
20. R Kiniry YAM
Motocross Pts
Ryan Dungey 580
Mike Alessi 453
Jake Weimer 355
Andrew Short 354
Broc Tickle 349
Josh Grant 277
Justin Brayton 247
Kyle Chisholm 211
Davi Millsaps 176
Tyla Rattray 172
James Stewart 163
Nico Izzi 163
Brett Metcalfe 142
Michael Byrne 138
Ben LaMay 105
Tommy Hahn 101
Christian Craig 99
Vince Friese 95
Ryan Sipes 94
Robert Kiniry 93
250 Lites Results
1. B Baggett 1/2 KAW
2. J Barcia 3/1 HON
3. M Musquin 4/3 KTM
4. W Hahn 5/4 HON
5. M Stewart 7/6 KTM
6. K Roczen 6/7 KTM
7. E Tomac 2/14 HON
8. B Wharton SUZ
9. J Martin YAM
10. J Nelson HON
11. Cunningham YAM
12. Anderson SUZ
13. J Bogle HON
14. T Baker HON
15. D Epstein KAW
16. K Peters YAM
17. A Martin HON
18. C Thompson YAM
19. K Rusk HON
20. D Tedder KAW
250 Lites Pts
Blake Baggett 519
Justin Barcia 499
Eli Tomac 487
Ken Roczen 456
Marvin Musquin 406
Wil Hahn 316
Blake Wharton 265
Jason Anderson 238
Jessy Nelson 225
Travis Baker 193
Malcolm Stewart 190
Jake Canada  170
Alex Martin 153
Justin Bogle 142
K Cunningham 132
G Swanepoel 106
Ivan Tedesco 105
Kyle Peters 91
Martin Davalos 85
Ryan Sipes 58



So there you have it- another fine motocross season in the books. Now we’ll just have to wait until January, when the boys strap up the dirtbike boots in Anaheim and spark up Supercross 2013! Til then, have this video tide you over- the final moto of the Motocross 2012 season:




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