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MotoGP 2017 | Czechoslovakia

MotoGP Takes Over Brno!

Another week, another glorious stop on the trail for the rider of MotoGP! The action in Brno, Czechoslovakia was intense, so buckle up the street bike helmet! All the usual suspects are jockeying for overall position and the standings are tightening up fast.

Enjoy this video recap of all the #CzechGP action:

As you can clearly see- an incredible race!
Published on Aug 7, 2017

All the very best clips from a fantastic weekend of racing at the #CzechGP.

The big boys were absolutely movin’ around this Brno track… But nobody was faster this weekend than the winner… Marc Marquez:

Here in 2017, this guy Marquez is really on a roll. Can anyone catch him? Many will try! Stay tuned for the next week of piping hot MotoGP action- it’s right around the bend.
Published on Aug 6, 2017

Repsol Honda rider czech-ed out at Brno after a tactical, high-stakes race.

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