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Motocross Boot Buyers Guide

MX Boots for Every Level. And Budget!

  • Alpinestars Tech 10 Boots
  • Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS Boot
  • Fox 180 Boots
  • Forma Predator Boots
  • Thor MX Ratchet Boots
  • O’Neal Element Boots

In today’s Motocross Buyers Guide, we turn our attention to MX Boots. Many riders say that this is the most important piece of dirt bike riding gear to get right. And from both a comfort and safety standpoint, this claim has merit!

Along with the dirt bike helmets, the MX Boots really are the first line of defense for rider safety. So it’s obviously important to get a pair that handles the minimum safety requirements. All of the dirt bike boots we’re reviewing today do just that- and then some.

We’re going to take a look at a few options in each price range, from Top Level to Entry Level. This gives you an idea of both features/technology vs. price and overall value. You may ultimately find that he old adage “you get what you pay for” applies to motocross boots. And dirt bike riding gear in general.

Top Level MX Boots

Here are a couple top-end options from the BTO Sports Buyers Guide. These boots are premier in every way, and have the price tagger to prove it. If you want the best- these are what you’re likely looking for. This is the top shelf. Check them out!

Alpinestars Tech 10 Boot ($599.95)

Alpinestars Tech 10 boots are arguably the best boots available on the market today. Brand new and proudly worn by professional teams the world over, the Alpinestars Tech 10 Boots are already a proven winner on and off the track.

Alpinestars originally released the Tech 10 Boot in 2004, and at that point in time, the Tech 10 Boots were considered by many ahead of the game. These boots were very technically advanced and eventually paved the way for others to follow.

It was the first boot to feature the molded sole, the outside frame utilized TPU rubber making it extremely protective, and the legendary Tech 8 Inner Bootie was taken from the Tech 8 Boots for added comfort. A few years later in 2009, the boot received minor updates adding comfort and weight savings.

Take a look at this 60 Second Product Review, courtesy of the BTO Sports YouTube Channel:

Now the Alpinestars tech 10 boot has been totally revamped. Reborn with all of the same characteristics as before, Alpinestars has taken protection to the next level(as evidenced by the A1 Blackjack LE Roost Guard). By utilizing TPU material to contour the boot’s frame, protection has been added significantly to the toe, foot, heel, ankle, calf, shin, and Achilles tendon. With the replaceable dual sole, riders can get extensive life out of these boots making it worthwhile to spend the extra money as the safety benefits outweigh cheaper boots.

With so many advancements and safety features, it comes as no surprise that the Alpinestars Tech 10 Boots are the choice for Supercross and Motocross Champs.

Next up…

Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS Boots ($595.00)

Sidi excels at boots for every kind of riding. Everything from Street Motorcycle Boots to ATV. And their premier off-road option is the new Crossfire 3 SRS Boot. Get ready to get excited!

The Crossfire 3 motocross boots are equipped with a large polyurethane shin plate on the front that can be replaced if it gets damaged. In fact, most of the protective plates on Sidi Boots can be replaced so that riders are always fully protected. Replacing induvial parts as need is also a much cheaper option than having to buy a completely new pair of dirt bike boots.

The Crossfire 3 SRS Boots feature protective inner heat shields that help insulate riders from excess heat. The shields are made from a non-slip material that affords riders a better grip on their bikes.

Sidi has been crafting footwear for over fifty years. They began as experts in cycling footwear and quickly became the premium standard in the industry. Their knowledge & expertise have translated well to the motorsport industry, and they are now recognized all over the world for their high quality boots.

Sidi combines their heritage & reputation of handcrafted Italian footwear, with the functionality of dirt bike boots for the ultimate in foot protection.  They even offer premier X-3 Lei Boots for women. The brand new Sidi Crossfire 3 are another example why Sidi reigns supreme in the motorsport footwear industry. These motocross boots are a masterful combination of protection and comfort that are worth every penny!

Mid-Level MX Boots

This section of the motocross Buyers Guide is probably where you’ll find the most ‘bang for the buck’. These boots have a lot of the modern appointments of upper-tier boots, but with a bit knocked off the price. But much like other great pieces of motocross protective gear, these options are sturdy!

These boots tend to be far more comfortable than the low level boots. Or for that matter, closeout boots / sale items.  This fact alone usually has riders paying a little more for a better overall riding experience. With that- off we go!

Fox Racing 180 Boots ($249.95)

All new for 2018, the Fox Racing 180 Boots redefine the boundaries for performance and value. Completely redesigned and built off of our championship-proven Instinct, the 180 Boot provides a precise performance fit around the ankle and toe box; giving the rider maximum support and comfort.

Obviously, if you’re in the market for new dirt bike boots, these new 180 boots have the look, feel and price tag that you are no doubt looking for. Treat yourself to the best… treat yourself to Fox Racing.

The Fox Racing 180 MX boot has pushed innovation of performance and value for a motocross boot.  Many of the features of the famed Fox Instinct Boots are in these 180’s! The 180 boot provides a precise performance fit around the ankle and toe, providing the rider with maximum support and comfort. Floating cuff allows the boot to move naturally, while also locking out to help prevent hyper-extension.

Another BTO Sports 60 Second Product Review:

The 180 Boot introduces our exclusive ActiveLock closure system. This patent pending calf closure flexes with the rider’s natural biomechanics, for unrestricted movement on the bike.

Only 3 closures, two lower buckles for lock-in fit, plus the exclusive silicone strap around the calf, giving you maximum flexibility. Pair these up with some Fox Racing Coolmax Socks, and you’re really comf. Durable, flexible, and protective, the Fox 180 boot is an exceptional boot for the track or trail rider.

As the MX Boots Buyers Guide rolls on…

Forma Predator Boots ($349.00)

The new Forma Predator Boot is already the most affordable 100% European pro boots on the market. They are used extensively in championships around the world including in World MXGP, Dakar, and World Enduro.

Video Spotlight, anyone? Check it:


The new Predator boots are lighter and include a range of important updates. They feature a new rubber sole and new internal comfort. Also some new honeycomb flex panels and new center pivot strap. In fact, much like their Dominator Comp 2.0 Boots, the Preds rock bold new colors.


Forma knows MX Boots! For the last 10-years the company has its own independently owned production plants in Romania. This has permitted to make a “made in Europe” product with only the highest standard quality. But considering the quality of boot, the price tag is very reasonable indeed.

Entry-Level MX Boots

Here are a few options for the beginner or “weekend warrior”. This section is especially relevant to the budget racer that’s tired of closeout riding gear. If you want capable dirt bike boots at a low price- these will fit the bill nicely!

Thor MX Ratchet Boots ($189.95)

Designed with a new system that provides a secure, precise, hassle free fitment, the Thor Ratchet Boots offer a high-degree of functionality at an entry-level price.

With a very simple strap/buckle interface, these boots are simple and convenient for any rider. This is Thor MX style research and development. The leather chassis construction checks durability off the list! Furthermore, the contoured shin and ankle plates ensure that these Ratchet Boots are in it for the long haul.

A wider sole provides comfort to a range of adult foot sizes. Additionally, bio-foam lining in the interior/insole provides great comfort in this CE-approved pair of off-road boots. Along with the Thor Pulse Gear Combo, you have a motocross outfit to be reckoned with for sure.

Thor MX doesn’t play around. They’re at the top of the motocross gear combos food chain for a reason. So if it’s a trustworthy name at a great price you’re after, these are the boots for you!

Another fine entry-level MX Boot is the-

O’Neal Element Boots ($109.99)

O’neal Element Boots are some of the best in the business. Their construction and materials are second to none in the motocross industry. Instead of including too many bells and whistles and increasing the total weight of the boot.

O’neal Motocross Gear sought out to include as many features as they could in a competitive race boot. At this price point, you cannot lose! So if you’re someone starting out and just need a decent pair of riding boots- these are clearly the choice.

At the same time that they are keeping the weight down, O’neal is able to keep the price down. How? By strategically picking the best features available that are most important to riders for this boot. They even make great youth Rider Boots– you just can’t go wrong.

In short, all the thrills… without the frills.

MX Boots @ BTO Sports

So as we wind down this chapter of the MX Buyers Guide, let’s recap. There are great MX Boot options for every budget. And they’re  all available right here at BTO Sports! From entry-level “cheapies” to the stuff the pros wear- we have it all. Ready to ship! Come on over and get your dirt bike parts here today. You will come away impressed.


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