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Oakland Supercross 2017 | Race Preview

Oakland Supercross Preview

Oakland Supercross Race Preview

Let’s talk MOTO! As Supercross moves north to Oakland, we will see some changes in the entry list and changes to team riders.  Phoenix treated some riders with some much needed respect whereas others had to go kick rocks. Eli Tomac had his best ride of the season as he took home the W. Chad Reed impressed the fans and his sponsors as he grabbed a 2nd place finish, but what about everyone else.

Phoenix threw some riders like Jeremy Martin and Tyler Bowers a curve ball as you will not see them in Oakland this weekend. Tyler is out, for what appears to be the season, with a fractured femur, and Martin is still suffering from concussion symptoms that have him sidelined for the Oakland Supercross races.  Jason Anderson is still suffering from major bruising, soreness, and stiffness in his left shoulder from A2 which affected his ride in Phoenix. With an injury like this, I think it’s safe to say he will finish outside the top 5 salvaging any points he can.

What to look for in Oakland

If you keep up to date with what’s happening in Supercross you may have heard about the big news that occurred with Dean Wilson this week. The Yamaha O’Neal rider got a call to ride a Husky to take the place of Christophe Pourcel. This is great! He has great talent on a dirt bike and definitely deserves this spot on the Factory Husqvarna team. Not much talk as stemmed past his new ride in Oakland, but we can expect to see him next to Jason Anderson in the pits for the rest of the SX and potentially the MX season.

Justin Bogle is expected to make his return to the races after having a bad get off at A2 that bruised his lungs. With two of the four JGR riders out, Jake Weimer and Phil Nicoletti will be the only riders for this team. Weston Peick will NOT be racing. I have yet to been able to find the video of his crash, but from the picture of his bike that is posted on Transworld it looked like he had a gnarly one. His bike was literally mangled! Check it out HERE.

Chad and Cooper

Chad Reed is finally his “old” self. Literally, the oldest dude on the track showed the youngsters how to make moves on a supercross track last weekend in Phoenix. With an interview about getting dialed-in from Racer X, Chad Reed is going to have more than a few eyes on him as he rolls through the tunnel in Oakland. Regardless of his age, Reedy stated that he “doesn’t feel a day over 21” which is pretty badass. The seasoned vet knows what he is doing, he knows how to ride, but most importantly he knows what it takes to win. With a couple bike changes, a confidence boost, and that great attitude he has always carried, Oakland Supercross fans, and fans across the country, should expect to see the 22 fighting for podiums in every race.

Reed and Cooper Pits
photo from

Chad’s teammate Cooper Webb is clearly learning a thing or two from Reedy. Although he placed 8th last weekend, he had an impressive ride as he fought off the frenchy, Marvin Musquin, the entire night. They battled all night making great, clean passes on each other. Cooper has a huge respect level for his peers, but has the dedication and desire to win races. He wants nothing short of perfection when he rides and is finally turning it around. I think he is going to do well up in Oakland, so keep an eye on the blue #2 bike this weekend.

ET3 & The Kawi Team

Eli Tomac, to put it simply, threw it down in Phoenix! Like what?!?! Beating second by 10 seconds is huge, it’s insane. Whatever they did to his bike clearly worked. Even though they haven’t meshed well in the beginning races, he has found his groove and hopefully we see him running up front more often. The Pro Circuit boys have been excellent! Between Eli, Hill and Forkner, this team is starting to turn heads left and right.

Can Eli Tomac do it again at Oakland?  photo by Jeff Kardas from Racer X

250 Expectations for Oakland Supercross

Justin Hill has been on fire, obviously, but that isn’t said to discredit former teammate Shane McElrath or Arron Plessinger. Justin Hill beat him straight up, making perfect passes in areas he was better at then McElrath. He rode a super smart race, took his time, and made the moves to take home the W.

Forkner Got his first podium of his supercross career which has boosted his confidence and leave him only wanting more. The more is the win, so keep a close eye on this Pro Circuit team. Although they’re teammates, these young guns are ready to fight for every inch of the race track to win the race. Do I think Forkner is going to win, no, but do I think he can win OF COURSE! Anything can happen come Saturday night and I am stoked to see what’s good with the racing this weekend.

Hill and McElrath

McElrath and Hill have massive respect for each other, as showed by the post-race hug fest in Phoenix, but as racing gets tight will these two leave it all on the table and start getting more aggressive? Only time will tell, and hopefully we see good, fast paced, clean racing. It’s always exciting to watch the 250 guys hang it all it in respectful fashion.

AP23 | Oakland Supercross

Aaron Plessinger is always going to be a rider you should expect on the box every night, but with Forkner putting in impressive rides that might change. Plessinger finished 2 seconds behind Forkner last weekend, which isn’t great, but not bad either. He has proven he has the fitness, the speed, and obviously the talent to win so I am thinking he’s going to throw it done this weekend in Oakland. He does well on tight, technical tracks, and the track in Oakland has just that. Some sections are going to be wide open whereas others allow for riders to pick n choose which line they want to run. The three dragons back in the back section of the track is one of those where you will see riders mixing up lines and try and send it.

All in all, Oakland is going to be fun. I have yet to actually go to this race, but from the looks of the track map and the stadium the lap times should be fast. It’s the smallest track on the circuit, but that doesn’t mean it won’t provide great passing opportunities and phenomenal racing.  Post all your pictures with the #OaklandSX , #BTOsports and @btosports and let us see the fun you had at the races. Thanks for reading!

-Nick B.


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