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Oakley Airbrake MX Goggle | Spotlight


Oakley Airbrake MX Goggle. The Gold Standard.

If and when you want to get serious about your motocross goggles, we have the ones you need! The Oakley Airbrake MX Goggles set the bar for MX eyewear with its look, feel and ground-breaking technologies. To be sure, the Airbrake MX is everything you will ever need in a motocross goggle… and we’re about to show you why!

So many color combinations make the Airbrake #1 with riders all over the world.

Let’s start this show with a “60 Second Product Review” from the famed BTO Sports YouTube Channel. All kinds of great MX intel on this channel- so check it out when you can:

The Oakley Airbrake MX Goggle is without a doubt, the golden standard for motocross goggles. They offer a superior peripheral view with an anti-fog pre-curved lens that doesn’t distort light with a switch-lock to make changing lens’s fast and easy.

The frame is lightweight and offers flexibility for all day comfort for a specific fit for you. Moisture wicking triple layer polar fleece foam for balanced pressure and moisture wicking comfort. And how about the Oakley Airbrake MX Prizm Goggle? The prizm lens combined with the Airbrake goggle, far and away offers the best in vision and protection in motocross.

Airbrake MX Goggle Features

Prizm MX lenses help you see subtle transitions in dirt conditions so you can master all those split-second decisions. Mother Nature has a ton of gears, and she’ll shift on you without warning. Be ready for any light condition.


  • Injection-molded Plutonite lens material provides 100% protection against ambient UVA, UVB, UVC, and harmful blue light up to 400nm
  • Expanded lens volume for optimized peripheral vision
  • Fog elimination of lens with Flow-Coat Anti-Fog coating
  • Integrated tear-off posts for mounting of optional laminated or standard tear-offs
  • Meets impact requirements based on ANSI Z87.1 and EN 1938:2010 standards
  • tested from 190 to 380 nanometers


  • Exoskeleton chassis construction combines rigid O Matter exterior with a pliable thermoplastic urethane faceplate that conforms to your face comfortably
  • Dual Switch-lock mechanisms lock the lens securely in place
  • Rigid O Matter strap connections provide even distribution of goggle pressure
  • Twin surge ports at top of chassis to channel airflow into your dirt bike helmets
  • Low-profile frame design provides increased visibility and improved helmet compatibility
  • All-day comfort of O-Hydrolix triple-layer foam with moisture- wicking polar fleece lining
  • Matte black textured inner frame surface for glare reduction
  • Microcellular urethane lens gasket to seal out dust or moisture
  • Dual-adjustable strap with silicone lining for versatile, secure fit


  • Airbrake MX Goggle Accessories have no equal
  • 7-pack of Oakley Laminated tear-offs included
  • Replacement Roll-Off Pack Available Separately
  • Replacement Tearoff System Available Separately

Next Level Extras

Dazzle Dyno? Aptly named…

Lastly, there’s one more bonus to help maintain the High Definition Optics of your new Oakley lenses. It’s a specially-woven electrostatic Microclear bag for cleaning and storage. Furthermore, it comes with every Airbrake MX Goggle purchase! Oakley always brings the dirt bike accessories to the table! Using it will preserve the superior optical quality of Oakley’s pure Plutonite lenses. Needless to say, hand wash and air-dry the Microclear bag regularly, and it will serve you well.

Not since the early days of the sport has a single goggle design brought so much innovation. Long ago, their founder developed and entirely new goggle that became a mainstay in the sport for 17 years. You are now looking at the future of MX goggles. In short, the Oakley Airbrake MX is the new standard of protection, clarity, comfort and convenience.

Ryan Dungey! ‘Nuff said…

Custom Shop

Many of today’s top riders have their own signature models of the great Airbrake MX. Because they know greatness when they see it… and feel it! For instance, the Airbrake MX Prizm Ryan Dungey Signature Goggle (pictured above) is available right here/right now at BTO Sports…

In summary, check with us periodically because new signature models of these goggles are popping up all the time.

Valentino Rossi Rocks the Airbrake MX.

Airbrake MX Goggle @ BTO Sports

Really what more need be said? These goggles are the best in the business! Moreover, they’re all right here at BTO Sports. We have the dirt bike parts for your bike too. In fact, we house everything motocross in this big warehouse of ours. And our customer service is second to none. So come check us out today- you’ll be very glad you did!

Chris Leahy
CL has been blogging it up for BTO Sports since the days when Bob "Hurricane" Hannah ruled the motocross roost. In fact, his guerilla-style coverage of the now-infamous "Massacre at Saddleback" is now considered one of the great MX blogs of all time. Enjoy the blogs, folks- that's the whole idea!