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ODI CFT Bars and Lock-on Grips | Product Spotlight

The latest in MX Control Technology


Being comfortable on your motocross bike is important. You will be able to ride in more control if you feel comfortable and confident in your controls. The Handlebar is one of the more crucial control parts that help riders achieve ergonomic zen. Handlebar technology has evolved in the last 10-15 year since the first ever oversized bar revolutionized the motocross bar world. The latest in motocross bar technology is available today in the new ODI Control Flex Technology (CFT) handlebar.


ODI CFT Handlebars | Price: $103.45


At first glance the CFT handlebar looks similar to other handlebars on the market. Upon Further inspection, you see what the CFT is all about. A machined aluminum piece in the center of the crossbar houses an elastomer dampening system that allows the crossbar to flex by up to 2mm. This handlebar flex is what the non-crossbar bars are all about, and ODI has found a way to bring that technology in to a crossbar style motocross bar.  The 6061 Aluminum construction allows for this flex over a standard 1 1/8′ bar, but with the added strength of a 7/8″, as the CFT is an oversized mounting point design.


Why flex?

If you have never used a bar that allows for flex, you might be saying to yourself “Why Flex?” The reason is simple if you have ever hit any square edge bumps on the track or trail. By allowing the CFT hanlebars to flex, it soaks up those square edge bumps so that it doesn’t transfer to your hands.This means that you won’t get as fatigued when you ride. Having this bar on my CRF450R I can tell you that the flex is noticeable and welcomed when you do hit those square edges around the track. The CFT bars are the bars you want on a rough track. Rigid for those precise movements that help you feel connected to the front end and gives under jarring bumps.


The BTO Sports-KTM-WPS team uses ODI CFT bars on their races bikes.



If you are looking for a quality upgrade from your stock bars, the ODI CFT handlebars are an excellent choice for those looking at a bar that will make riding a bit more comfortable. Once you go CFT, you will never go back!


The ODI  CFT Handlebars are available from . To order today, CLICK HERE 


ODI Lock-ON Grips: A perfect addition


ODI V2 Lock-on grips | Price: $22.45


Have you ever changed grips on your motocross bike and said to yourself that there’s got to be an easier way than dealing with grip glue and safety wire? Well, ODI had the same thought and  came out with the latest in grip technology. The ODI Lock-on grip is the latest from the creator of the lock-on grips to give riders a totally unique grip system that will save time and frustration while changing your grips. Constructed of ODI’s own proprietary compound, the Lock-on grips are the choice of the BTO Sports – KTM team for their durability and sticky grip.


The Lock-on grip system features a lock collar that holds the clutch side grip in place with one simple bolt, while the throttle side is molded to the throttle tube and comes complete with either a two or four-stroke throttle cam. This makes installation on any bike a breeze. There’s no grip glue to mess with, as the ODI grips have been fused to the inner tube. This also means that you will never have spinning grips due to failing glue and you don’t have to add safety wire to the grips.  Just loosen up the bolt on the collar(clutch side) slide on the bar and tighten up the bolt. This unique installation process means that you do not have to wait for glue to dry and you are on the track within minutes of installation.


I am a fan of the ODI Lock-on grips.  They are super easy to install and last quite a long time. I have been using the ODI V2 Lock-On grips on my CRF450R and am very happy with the results. Comfortable and easy to grip, the V2 Lock-on Grips are the real deal. There’s no going back to regular grips for this kid, it’s ODI from here on out!


The ODI  V2 Lock-on grips are available from . To order today, CLICK HERE 



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