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ODI Emig V2 Lock-on Grips | Product Spotlight

BTO Sports Product Spotlight: ODI Emig V2 Lock-on Grips


Have you ever changed grips on your motocross bike and said to yourself that there’s got to be an easier way than dealing with grip glue and safety wire? Well, ODI had the same thought and have teamed up with Motocross legend Jeff Emig to come out with the latest in grip technology. The ODI Emig V2 Lock-on grip is the latest from the creator of the lock-on grips and is designed in collaboration with Jeff Emig to give riders a totally unique grip system that will save time and frustration while changing your grips.



The Lock-on grip system is thebest motocross grips and features a lock collar that holds the clutch side grip in place with one simple bolt, while the throttle side is molded to the throttle tube and comes complete with either a two or four-stroke throttle cam. This makes installation on any bike a breeze. Designed to be easily installed and highly durable, the ODI Emig V2 lock-on grips are technology, redefined.

The latest in grip technology



Installation of the Emig V2 grips are quite simple. There’s no grip glue to mess with, as the ODI grips have been fused to the inner tube. This also means that you will never have spinning grips due to failing glue and you don’t have to add safety wire to the grips.  Just loosen up the bolt on the collar(clutch side) slide on the bar and tighten up the bolt. This unique installation process means that you do not have to wait for glue to dry and you are on the track within minutes of installation. The ODI Emig V2 grips are very durable, which means they will last longer than traditional grips. Designed with a low profile pyramid pattern and a custom designed half-waffle pattern that eliminates the inside corner, this makes this the “Perfect Racer’s Grip.”





The ODI Emig V2 Lock-on grip is the perfect solution that simplifies the process of grip installation. Don’t go another racing season without the latest in grip technology.


Many colors to choose from to match your bike.


The ODI Emig V2 Lock-on grips are available from and comes in different colors to match your bike. To order today, CLICK HERE




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