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O’Neal Element FR Blocker Combo | Product Spotlight

O'Neal Element FR Blocker Combo

O’Neal Element FR Blocker Combo

Looking for some new mountain bike gear? Then go with a tried & true classic. The O’Neal Element FR Blocker has been revamped for the 2018 season! O’Neal does an excellent job updating their gear from year to year. Their gear sets usually borrow some of the colorways from the previous season, but with updated graphics. This gives the Element Blocker a familiar, yet fresh look.  The 2018 O’Neal Element FR Blocker Jersey & Shorts Combo is the perfect gear set for downhill, trail or enduro riding.


Like their dirt bike jerseys,  O’Neal mountain bike jerseys are loaded with features that facilitate optimal performance. The Element FR Blocker Jersey is crafted out of a breathable and moisture-wicking material that keeps sweat in check. The material improves the perspiration process by allowing your sweat to evaporate, cooling you off quickly. The Freerider (FR) jersey has a pretty loose fit, allowing you to move about freely and not feel restricted. In addition, this mountain bike jersey has protection sewn right into the elbows. More protection means fewer injuries, which means more time on your bike!

O'Neal Element FR Blocker Jersey
O’Neal Element FR Blocker Jersey

The Freerider Jersey is a flawless execution of both fashion and function. It has a super clean and minimalist design that has become synonymous with O’Neal Racewear. There’s a lot of space on this mountain bike jersey that’s just begging for your name, number, and logos. If it looks this good out of the box, imagine how it will look covered in mud! The O’Neal Element FR Jerseys are priced individually at  $44.99. The jersey comes in four dual-tone colorways with appropriately matching shorts. Speaking of which…


The 2018 O’Neal Element FR Shorts are a great all-around pair mountain bike shorts. They’re made out of a heavy-duty fabric that can definitely handle some wear and tear. They come in four different colors that match each jersey pictured above. Shorts are fastened using an adjustable ratchet system that provides a secure and comfortable fit. The elastic waist liner helps keep the shorts from sliding down and becoming distracting. They are equipped with two zip pockets that afford riders some extra storage; great for snacks, keys or phones!

O'neal Element FR Blocker Shorts (yellow)
O’Neal – Element FR Blocker Shorts Black/ Hi-Viz Yellow)

Your gear is supposed to improve performance, not hinder it. The Freerider shorts offer many advantages that a knock-off pair won’t give you, like the built-in protection. For Example, the FR shorts are equipped with removable hip foam protectors to provide some additional protection in a crash.  The interior is lined with mesh to help keep riders cool while they work up a sweat. The O’Neal Element FR Blocker mountain bike shorts are only $80.99 apiece.


If you’re going to rock the new FR Blocker mountain bike gear, then do it right! Grab a pair of the O’Neal AMX gloves to complete the factory look. These mountain bike gloves are designed by the 3 time World Downhill Champ, Greg Minnaar. In fact, the whole FR Blocker was inspired by his kit. The gloves offer plenty of grip, ventilation,  and are even compatible with smartphones!


O'Neal - AMX Gloves
O’Neal – AMX Gloves Front & Back

The entire O’Neal Element FR Blocker Jersey, Short Combo is only $125.98. Before you head out on your next ride, make sure to check out our full selection of mountain bike gear combos from all the top brands like O’Neal, Troy Lee Designs, Fly Racing and more!  BTOSports is your one-stop shop for all your MTB gear needs!

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