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O’Neal RDX Motocross Boot | Product Test

Ride Testing the Real Deal, the O’Neal RDX Motocross Boot


When you think of motocross gear, O’Neal is one of the main companies that come to the forefront in the minds of riders. They have been in the dirt bike game a long time and know what motocross riders need.  O’Neal has stepped up their game with the addition of their first ever high end motocross boot, the RDX.  In development for over 3 years, the RDX boot signifies O’Neal’s commitment to providing the best gear possible for dirt bike riders.


The O'Neal RDX Motocross Boot
The new O’Neal RDX boots are the Real Deal


Let’s take a look at the features of the RDX boot:

  • – Vertical height adjustment for taller riders
  • – 3 levels of adjustment in the shin plate for larger calves
  • – Full tilt pivot system
  • – Quick shift heel
  • – Full metal shank
  • – Shifter grips on the toe
  • – Dual compound shin plate avoids the discomfort of the plate digging into your shin
  • – Three aluminum buckles, one quick release ratchet
  • – Bonded sole
  • – Replaceable sole inserts (dual compounds)
  • – 360° rubber gaitor
  • – Four rubber grip pads for constant contact between rider and bike
  • – Nylon pull tab to slip boot on easily
  • – Mesh latex interior upper
  • – Wrap around gel, latex, memory foam ankle padding
  • – Replacement rubber sole inserts, straps and buckles are available


O'Neal RDX Boot
The O’Neal RDX Boot is all new from the ground up!

The first thing you notice about the O’Neal RDX Motocross boot is it’s cool looks.  Looking nothing like their lower end Element boot, the RDX has a cool, almost futuristic look to it. The plastic shell that wraps around the boot provides great protection for the rider. The next thing my eyes are drawn to is the pivot joint at the ankle.  Using a pivot joint at the ankle provides better flexibility and break-in time is just about non-existent.  The buckles are new with the ankle buckle being a ratchet type buckle, similar to what you would find on a snowboard binding. O’Neal informed me that is to ‘lock and secure’ the ankle in place.  It takes some getting used to, but a cool feature to this boot.


The RDX motocross boots have quite a few custom adjustments to tailor the boot to the rider.  The shin plate can be adjusted for riders with larger sized calves and the upper shin exo-shell can be adjusted vertically from the pivot joint for riders with longer legs. The RDX was not only designed to give an advantage on the motocross track but for off-road riders as well.  The hiking boot style of the sole utilizes a sticky “army rubber” for those times you have to get off the bike, and a gel insole provides all-day comfort so you can stay focused on the ride.Inside the boot, you can feel the protection that is provided with gel and memory foam padding that secures your ankle in place. Sizing for the RDX boot is smaller than normal, as I wear a size 11 and had very little wiggle room with my bigger feet.  There is enough room in the toe box for regular sized feet, though if you do have a wider foot I would recommend going up a size on the RDX.


BTO Sports Tests the O'Neal RDX Motocross Boot
BTO Sports test rider Greg Labranche testing the RDX boots at Cahuilla Creek Motocross


On the Track:

On the track, the boot feels very secure.  The rubber pads on the inside of the boot grips the bike very well and I had no issue sliding around trying to grip the bike.  Reaching the foot controls is an easy task with the RDX boots. Ankle protection feels very good in the RDX and passed the “Saved my Ankles” test as I came up short on a big jump. The tacky “Army Rubber” sole of the RDX did not slide around on the pegs and felt planted. The form factor of the boot is another plus for the RDX.  With the sole of the boot being rounded, there were no issues with it getting hung up in ruts like traditional style boots.

O'Neal RDX Boot Yellow
New colors for the RDX Boot.

O’Neal hit a home run with the RDX boots.  The combination of a top quality boot and aggressive looks will make it a winner on the motocross track and on the trails.  The innovative features of the RDX boot is a game changer in the MX world. If you are looking for a high-end boot, be sure to give the O’Neal RDX a serious look. It’s worthy of a spot in your gear bag!



– Looks
– Foot and Ankle protection is very good
– Pivot joint at ankle allows the boot to move with the rider
– Adjustability for larger calves
– Huge amount of Grip
– Buckles stay closed



– Fits on the smaller side, go up one size


O'Neal RDX Boot Black
Get your O’Neal RDX Boots NOW!

The O’Neal RDX motocross boots are available now at BTO Sports. To order your pair today before your next ride, CLICK HERE







Chris Chris Chris
Social Media Editor at BTO Sports
Known as "Doc" around the industry, Chris has been around the motocross/mountain bike industry for over 15 years. When not writing articles of excellence, he can be found riding his CRF450R at the many Southern California motocross tracks and local MTB trails around the Ventura County area.

301 Moved Permanently

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