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Our Guide to Handlebar Sizes | Tech Corner

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What size handlebar you have?

While many of us that ride or have ridden may already be aware of this, but there are new customers to the sport every day and this blog is for you. Yes, there are in fact two handlebar sizes in the handlebar market.

A question we often get asked at BTO Sports is what size handlebars do I have or what size handlebars do I need to order? Even worse, there are times a customer will purchase a handlebar from our site, unaware that there are in fact different size handlebars and find out they have the wrong size handlebars.

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Some new bikes, such as the 2019 Honda CRF450R for example, already comes with over-size handlebars on the bike. So if you were wanting to purchase another set of handlebars, you just need to be sure you’re buying over-size or 1 -1/8 inch (28.575mm) bars (Renthal Twinwall, Pro Taper Evo, etc.)  But the large majority of bikes come stock with 7/8 inch (22.225mm) diameter bars, also known as standard size.

Of course, if you’d like to buy a replacement set of bars in the standard size, those are available and will fit right on your bike. Now, if you want to purchase over-size bars for your bike, as most consider that being a common upgrade, especially for durability purposes that it has over the stock size handlebars.

Then you’d need to purchase the appropriate over-size bar mounts as mentioned in the video. There are rubber mounted mounts on most current bikes within the last decade, but there are bikes that have what are called “solid mount” where the mount is part of your triple clamp. If that is the case, you buy the “solid mount” oversize bar mounts.

Pro Taper was the first to come out with the 1 1/8″ Oversize bars for dirt bikes.

We here at BTO Sports want to make a commitment to help avoid returns with answers to questions you may have. If you have questions, we usually have the answers for you and we look forward to making more videos and blogs that help your shopping experience!
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