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Our Guide to Under Jersey Chest Protectors

A question we often get asked at BTO Sports, what chest protector fits best under the jersey? Additionally, too many times we find that customers are buying their jersey size two sizes too big to accommodate their chest protectors, which isn’t necessary. In this review, we list our favorite and best selling under the jersey chest protectors. This guide discusses the different prices, sizes, and features to help you determine what would be best for you.

Our resident gear expert Nick Wayne takes you through the highlights of the four best selling under jersey chest protectors. Watch now!

Fox Racing Titan Subframe CE Chest Protector

Fox Racing Titan Race CE Chest Protector

All new for 2019, the Fox Titan Race Subframe CE is the professional choice for full under jersey coverage. The all-new Titan Race Subframe CE builds off popular foam roost deflectors with full plastic coverage front and back. Unrestrictive and comfortable, the Titan Race Subframe CE is the rock star of the roost. Add to that the supreme back coverage and adjustable waist and shoulder straps- and you have the most versatile under armor on the planet.

The ultimate low-profile under jersey roost deflector. With a soft next-to-skin inner liner, ample ventilation, and full plastic coverage, the Fox Titan Race Subframe CE sets the benchmark for unrestricted and comfortable under jersey performance. Retail: $119.95 Sizes: Adult S/M, L/XL

Alpinestars Sequence Chest Protector

Alpinestars Sequence Chest Protector

The Sequence chest protector from Alpinestars is easy  to put on and extremely comfortable,  the  CE  certified  Sequence  Chest Protector is highly  abrasion and impact resistant,  while its ergonomic design ensures a secure and comfortable performance fit. 
Retail: $154.95 Sizes: Adult XS/S, S/M, L/XL


Alpinestars A-1 Roost Guard

Alpinestars A1- Roost Guard

The A-1 Roost Guard from Alpinestars was designed for maximum comfort while you ride with less movement restriction from a tailored fit.  This over or under the jersey protector protects the body from rocks and debris while promoting breathability and flexibility.

A strong and durable hard shell that’s lightweight and breathable due to a unique blend of polymeric material and the lightweight design enhances flexibility while protecting the chest from injuries. With removable shoulder pads and upper back panel with a soft bio-foam chassis delivers maximum comfort to riders, the Alpinestars A1-roost guard is ready for the ride.
Retail: $119.95 Sizes: Adult M/L, XL, XXL

Leatt 3DF Airfit Chest Protector

leatt 3df airfit chest protector

The Leatt 3DF chest protector is made of ventilated soft impact foam which makes the Airfit very flexible and comfortable to wear.  The 3DF Airfit chest protector is equipped with multiple ventilation panels for optimum breathability. Due to how comfortable it is, the Leatt 3DF Airfit Chest Protector is the best soft body armor to wear on long rides.

This chest protector is CE tested & certified and is awarded a Leatt protection level of nine points. The soft body armor is made out of soft impact foam, a lightweight material that hardens upon impact making this chest protector optimal for those who want to remain protected without sacrificing performance. The chest protector offers more than just protection for the chest as it protects the abdomen, flank and back of the rider for 360° protection. Leatt has engineered the Airfit to integrate perfectly with their Leatt neck braces. This makes it the best soft body armor to wear in conjunction with a Leatt neck brace. The comfort and protection afforded by this chest protector are truly the best of both worlds. Retail: $159.99 Sizes: Adult/XXL

No matter what chest protector you are looking for, we have a wide selection at From the under jersey protectors you see here, to full body protection there will be a chest protector for your type of riding. Visit our selection of chest protectors here or visit today.

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