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Overlord SB2 Prime Jacket | Spotlight


Make Way for the Overlord SB2 Prime Jacket!

Today’s spotlight has all of you street demons in mind. Because the Icon Overlord SB2 Prime Jacket is ready to handle anything you throw its way. These jackets have all of the protective qualities you’re looking for in a modern street jacket. Furthermore, the fit is great and the looks speak for themselves! So let’s get into it…

To be sure, this is top-end motorcycle apparel! Featuring a rugged sublimated textile chassis, an attack fit and a full suite of industry-leading D3O® Impact Protectors- the Overlord SB2 Prime Jacket comes to play… and play hard!

A checkered flag and the Overlord SB2 Jacket give you the same feeling: the feeling of being a winner. The durable textile chassis sports an aggressive ‘Attack Fit’ for fast times and faster rides. Furthermore, the integrated flex zone combines with a boatload of engineered laser perforations. Not to mention the dual zipper-cuff vents which keep your ride cool and comfortable.

And check out the bevvy of great colors! No matter what your style point of view- from understated to flashy- Icon has an Overlord SB2 Prime Jacket that will suit you. These motorcycle jackets bring a swagger that you simply will not find in other jackets. So this is the one for those intending on making a lasting statement.

Internally, the jacket is outfitted with a removable insulated SatinCoreTM vest liner and a full complement of D3O® impact protectors. In essence, it’s prime motorcycle protection of the highest order! Because being a winner isn’t easy, wearing this jacket is.

First off, it looks good- check. Secondly, it feels good- check. Lastly, it protects like no other- check! I guess we’re quickly running out of reasons to NOT buy this jacket… Let’s go to the features!

Overlord SB2 Prime Jacket Features

Icon hit a bit of a home run with the tailoring of their Overlord SB2 Stealth Jacket (also available here at BTO Sports). Now they are taking that great fit and adding even more features with the Overlord SB2 Prime Jacket. So you’re getting Icon’s absolute best effort here!


The ‘Attack Fit’ has pre-curved arms to be tighter to the body and form-fitting. So it’s aerodynamic and comfortable at all speeds. Furthermore, the figure-hugging cut means that it can be worn over a t-shirt, adventure base layer or other slim layer.


Hot-to Mild: The Overlord SB2 Prime Jacket rocks ventilation where you need it! As a result, this premium gear has maximum airflow and breathability for hot to mild riding conditions. It’s one versatile garment!


Lightweight material that has high resistance to abrasion and fatigue providing flexibility and a contoured fit… right down to your motorcycle gloves! When you slide this jacket on, you know that you’re wearing something truly built for on-the-bike performance.

Laser Perforation

Strategically placed laser perforations provide plenty of air flow allowing for ample ventilation. These perforations are often found in the versatile adventure jackets, and now they’re in this top-flight street performer! In short, it makes the Overlord SB2 Prime Jacket perfect for warmer weather riding environments.

Shoulder Caps

TPU armor plating provide additional coverage in the shoulder impact zones. This is the kind of protection that gives you supreme confidence over your motorcycle controls. After all, Icon is a leader in rider safety apparel.


D30 Impact Protector Package:

Includes a full suite of industry-leading D3O® Impact Protectors (shoulders, elbows, and back). D3O® unique technologies provide both enhanced protection and a versatile, flexible material for a host of shock absorption and impact protection. Delivering the most flexible and discreet protection on the market, D3O® consistently outperforms traditional foam-based materials.

Everything but the kitchen sink… that’s the Icon Overlord SB2 Prime Jacket. Loaded with tech and ready to fly- you’re going to want one of these if you’re serious about your motorcycle accessories. And really- who isn’t serious about their motorcycle riding?

And if you’re wondering where to get one of these jacket at the lowest possible price- we have just the store in mind…


Overlord SB2 Prime Jacket @ BTO Sports

In conclusion, the Overlord series from Icon is a fantastic option for any street marauder looking for a great jacket. Moreover, they’re all right here at BTO Sports. In fact, we have everything you need to get your next motorcycle adventure underway. For the latest motorcycle parts at the best prices- think BTO Sports!


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