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Top Hot Weather Riding Gear from

Top Motocross Gear for Hot Weather Riding

Essential Riding Gear for the Hot Summer Months *Article has been updated for 2017 Products Motocross in the summer time can be ...

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Saturday Night Race Series Round 2 | Race Results

Racing Under the Lights! Round 2 of the Saturday Night Race Series at 333 MX Park went off! With more riders ...

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Fox V2 Preme Helmet | Product Spotlight

Mid-Level Helmet That's Ready to Race When it comes to mid-level motocross helmets, the Fox V2 helmet one of the helmets ...

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2017 Washougal National

2017 Washougal National

It was another great day of racing in the northwest! Washougal is one of my favorite races, and this weekend ...

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Saturday Night Race Series Round 1 | Race Results

Official Race Results from Round 1 at 333 MX Park in Victorville, CA. Thank you to everyone that came out to ...

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Butler Maps | ADV Spotlight

Butler Maps Lead The Way. If you are on any level of ADV riding, you need to check out Butler Maps. It’s really that simple! These detailed maps will lead you where you want to go- no question. But more importantly, they will keep you out of where you DO NOT want to go, making…
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By ChrisL on September 7, 2017


MotoGP Preview | #SanMarinoGP

MotoGP Hits High Gear! Hit ‘Reset’: The MotoGP 2017 Championship starts again! Additionally, the scoring is all over the map this season. Thus, the title is still very much up for grabs for all the main competitors. Without further adieu, let’s get ready for street bikes in San Marino. Published on Sep 4, 2017 It…
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By ChrisL on September 6, 2017


Fox Racing Unveils New 180 Boot

Fox Racing Rolls Out 180 Boot! When you talk about motocross boots, Fox Racing will certainly be one of the first companies mentioned- as they’ve been doing great boots for decades. And here at BTO Sports, we’ve seen thousands upon thousands of Fox MX Boots roll out over the years… to very happy customers! We…
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By ChrisL on September 1, 2017


Eli Tomac | The 450cc Champ

Eli Tomac Takes 2017 Motocross Title It’s all over but the shouting, and Eli Tomac has added 2017 450cc Motocross Champion to his growing list of career accolades. Furthermore, this cat is young- so expect to hear plenty more from him in the years to come. All in all, a tremendous outdoor season. Congrats, Eli…
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By ChrisL on August 31, 2017


Red Bull X Fighters 2017 | Preview

Red Bull X Fighters Returns to NBC! That’s right, the Red Bull X Fighters Series has its own TV special heading your way this weekend. Be sure to tune in or set your DVR for the 90 minute special on the killer FMX jumps that went down here in 2017. It’s going to be a…
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By ChrisL on August 30, 2017


2018 Fox Racing Preme Gear | Spotlight

Fox Racing Preme Gear The long awaited 2018 Fox Racing gear set is one of the most ambitious product lines of this season. It’s an absolutely massive release, packed with a wide range of gear to outfit riders from head to toe. Seriously, there is so much racewear, casual apparel, and protection that it can…
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By Eric Wright on August 29, 2017


Flats & Falls | Loïc Bruni

Loïc Bruni Does MTB Better… Better than most, probably better than all. Because Loïc Bruni has put in the blood, sweat and tears it takes to be an MTB champion. That and immense talent of course. By all means, peruse the video below, detailing the career pitfalls of Bruni. Particularly as it pertains to the…
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By ChrisL on August 25, 2017


2018 Hot Weather Gear | Spotlight

Top 10 Hot Weather Gear Don’t let the dog days of summer wear you down! Staying cool and well hydrated will help you get the most out of every ride! Some of the most popular spots, like SoCal or Vegas, can get extremely hot this time of year.  Fortunately, riders can stave off a sweat…
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By Eric Wright on August 25, 2017


PURE | Gautier Paulin & Shift MX

Pure MX Talent. That’s Gautier Paulin. And in this latest PURE video clip, you get an insight into how Gautier got started, and why he rocks the Shift MX Black Label Gear these days! The all-new, 2018 Shift MX Strike gear looks amazing! And it’s available right here at BTO Sports. Check it out: Published…
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By ChrisL on August 23, 2017


Freestyle MTB | Red Bull Joyride

Freestyle MTB Takes Over Whistler Red Bull Joyride went down this past weekend in British Columbia! The beautiful Canadian landscape was turned into a Freestyle MTB playground for the best riders in the world. And the pedigree of these combatants really shows up on the videos coming back from the event! It’s off the hook……
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By ChrisL on August 22, 2017