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Pod Active Sponsor Spotlight

Pod Active

Pod Active & BTO Sports

Pod Active is one of the proud sponsors of the BTO Sports Amateur Race Team. This  knee brace company that produces high quality, race performance safety equipment for motocross riders and other action sport enthusiasts. Motocross is one of, but their only, focus for improving the longevity of athletes. From basketball to wakeboarding, to BMX and motocross, Pod knee braces help these action sport athletes stay safe while doing what they love.

Pod Active Overview

Pod MX helps athletes all across the sport spectrum do what they love by providing them with products that increase their safety without hindering their performance. There are many products that POD Active makes, but the POD MX line of knee braces is by far one of the most important to motocross riders.

Pod Active Knee Braces
POD Active is a proud sponsor of the BTO Sports Amateur Team

POD Active launched back in 2012 on January 1st. This was the start of a breakthrough as they began designing and manufacturing top dollar knee braces. After their start in 2012, the Australian company opened up a new partnership with WPS (Western Power Sports) in 2013. This change  allowed them to pave the way into the motocross industry as they were the knee braces for the WPS/Fly Racing team.  Now, there are 3 different types of POD MX knee braces that you are able to choose from: the K1 (youth),  K300, K4 and the new the K8 Ultimate.

Pod MX Knee Braces

These knee braces are designed specifically to enhance the riding experience of every motocross rider. By increasing the protection and support of their knees riders can ride in confidence all day long. Knee injuries are one of the most common among motocross riders.

Even the most minor and awkward fall can leave you out of commission for 6 months. With the Pod MX K8 Ultimate knee brace, you are able to mitigate your chances of sitting on the sidelines.

Pod K8 knee braces
Check out the Pod MX K8 Knee Brace here at

For our BTO Sports Amateur Team, Pod MX allows them the opportunity to stay protected at the highest level. One of the features of the Pod MX K8 Ultimate knee brace is the Pre-Preg Carbon Composite Frames. These frames are incredibly lightweight, durable, and most importantly comfortable! Making these braces fit flawlessly is no easy task though. Pod MX developed the Human Motion hinge system that allows your knee to have its natural range of motion. This multi-sport knee brace has carbon fiber frame that allows it to be one of the lightest on the market as it weighs in at only 1.4 pounds.

Why Pod Active braces?

There is nothing worse than rocking a new pair of knee braces only to find out that they cause abrasions while you ride. With the Pod MX K8 Ultimate knee brace, you can find the perfect balance between protection, comfort, and performance! It is not strictly for moto either! These Pod MX braces can be used across the spectrum of sports that range from wakeboarding and skiing to skateboarding and so much more! “Every Althete, Every Knee, Every Sport”-Pod Active

The one brace you can wear for all action sport activities is at your fingertips! Grab yours today right here at! If you need fresh new pair of knee braces that are comfortable, reliable, and are going to keep your knees protected,  check out the POD MX knee braces today. We want to take the time to thank our sponsor, Pod Active!  Thank you for providing us and our riders with exceptional products that increase our protection and our safety!


Nick Bedrad
Riding dirt bikes for over 10 years, Nick is a specialist in the motocross world. Whether it is Desert, Track, or Mountain Trails, as long as I can get on my bike and ride I'm happy. If you have any questions regarding our products, sales inquire, shipping times, or want more information about BTO Sports, you may contact me during our normal business hours Monday - Friday 9am-5pm PST and I will be happy to assist you!