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POD K4 V2.0 Knee Brace

Pod K4 2.0 Knee Brace

The All-New K4 V2.0 is officially on the market

POD has released their newly modified K4 knee brace and you will surely want to stick around to learn all about it. They took everything great about the original K4 and made improvements before releasing the all-new K4 V2.0 Knee Braces. With new patented technology and an impact modified design Pod has taken these to an unparalleled level.

The New Frame

Let’s check out the BtoSports Warehouse Review video to get familiarized with the new Pod K4 Braces. 

First off, let’s dive into the new upgrades Pod has made for the 2.0 Version of the brace. They started with a Lightweight Composite Impact Modified frame for the base of the brace. The brace then anchors to the hinges and reduces the weight from the knee joint without affecting any of the comfortability on the bike. The new Pod MX technology they have created is confirmed to reduce the risk of most knee injuries, all while providing a comfortable and strong knee brace you can count on.

POD has developed their own patented design which was designed to mimic the movements of the human body itself. They designed Synthetic Ligaments to reduce some of the tension of the knee. However, these ligaments were engineered from a Vectran Fiber material that is 5 times stronger than steel. The braces are CE impact certified, and can easily convert into a multi-sport brace. All you’d do is just slide the centerpieces out and you’ll have a diverse brace that you can use during any sport.

Re-Designed Hinges

Pod also included a Hinge insert into the design that limits full extension of the knee. Reducing the time your knee may be in the at-risk position during the time of use. Also reduces the risk for hyperextension of the knee.  The redesign of the adaptive cuffs does not disrupt the natural muscle movement. Compatible with various leg shapes, they help reduce the possibility of skeletal fractures in the legs.

Lining the inside of the braces is an antimicrobial material to help reduce odor and to add a comfort factor to the brace. The upgraded clips and leg straps help keep the brace in place while in use. They have also included a new Quick-Loc Clip System which limits the time it takes to put them on. Set the length of the straps once and they will stay fixed without having to make any more adjustments.


Another impressive feature of the Pod K4 V2.0 is that they are completely re-buildable.  As a consumer, you know things wear after time. With POD’s simple design, it allows you to replace the damaged parts as needed. Instead of wasting time sending in your items for repairs that cost a fortune, you will be able to repair your braces in the comfort of your home! As a result, you can basically repair, and rebuild your own knee braces.

Did we mention that the K4 V2.0 is certified as a medical compliant knee brace? This new design used on the K4 2.0 is awarded Class 1 medical device status by being medically compliant, FDA registered, as well as PDAC approved. This, in turn, helps prevent and reduce the risk of leg and knee injuries such as ACL, MCL, PCL and even LCL of the rider. The braces help support the complex joints and provide joint stability in the knees. POD even backs their braces with a 2 Year Frame warranty.

All things considered, Pod has made noticeable improvements on this new K4 2.0 Brace. Their upgrades certainly set these apart from the rest on the market. Light in weight, built with durable material, and new cosmetic upgrades make the 2.0 second to none. We have both colorways available at, plus all of your other gear and protection needs, so be sure to head on over.

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