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PodMX K700 Knee Brace Pair on Sale Now at BTO Sports

Save your knees and money with the Pod MX K700 Knee Braces


PodMX K700 Knee Brace Sale


Knee injuries are one of the most common injuries in the sport of Motocross.  It doesn’t take very much to hyper-extend your knee and do ligament damage in this sport. At BTO Sports, we are serious when it comes to safety and want you to be out there riding for a long time. Today’s Product Spotlight looks at one of our favorite pieces of safety equipment, the POD MX K700 Knee Braces . With us slashing the prices on the K700 pair down to $599.99, that is 25% off the retail price!!


To order your Pod MX K700 Knee Braces for $599.99 from BTO Sports , CLICK HERE NOW


If you are serious about motocross, you should be wearing knee braces, no excuses.No longer do you need a doctor’s prescription to save your knees from catastrophe. With riders such as Wil Hahn, Taddy Blazusiak, Josh Coppins, Ben Townley, and Cam Sinclair relying on the PodMX K700, let’s take a closer look as to why the Pod MX K700 should be on your knees the next time you ride.



Close Look at the K700:


The POD MX K700 knee brace sets a new standard in ergonomics and function.  Developed by an orthopedic surgeon in Australia, the Pod MX knee brace is inspired by human anatomy. The K700’s polymer hinge supports the knee’s natural range of motion at every arc and angle of movement. The trick to the POD’s fluid movement is two thermoplastic tendons (one on each side of the brace) which allows the brace to maintain the same natural movement as the rider’s knee.  The high-end, all carbon fiber K700 is one of the lightest braces on the market that you can buy today.


The  frame of the POD MX K700 is a lightweight piece of carbon composite that is meant to provide a strong, lightweight support system for the rest of the brace. The sleek profile of the frame is not overly bulky, and it will not get in the way while you are riding your bike around the track.  The brace’s integrated patella guard covers the front of your knee at all times, offering impact absorption via the brace instead of your actual knee.


Pod K700 Knee Braces. Price:$799.95 $599.95/Pair (25% off) Click here


For more information on the PodMX K700 Knee Brace, read Doc’s review of the K700 knee brace by clicking here


Don’t delay, because when these are gone, they are gone!  To order your Pod MX K700 Knee Braces for $599.99 from BTO Sports , CLICK HERE NOW



  • Inspired by the human body, the patented Polymer Hinge System uses Synthetic Ligaments that function like a human knee. to provide durable and secure natural motion.
  • Low profile Carbon Composite Frames provide a strong, lightweight, rigid shell without compromising feel for the bike
  • Interior Strap loops capture your leg to resist rotational forces and brace migration
  • Self Tracking Patella guard stays positioned in front of your knee and transfers impacts through out the brace and away from the knee itself
  • Antibacterial moisture wicking frame liners, condyle pads and strap pads keep you cool and comfortable
  • Available off the shelf in five sizes, each micro adjustable for a custom fit



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