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Product Preview | Klim Radius Goggles

One of the most important pieces of safety equipment that you can have is a good set of goggles.  Goggles protect your eyes from the wind and debris that gets thrown up from the roost of other machines.  The company Klim understands that snowmobile riders need the most advanced goggles that not only will protect the riders eyes, but be comfortable enough to wear for hours on the trail.  Enter the new Radius  goggles.


Klim has introduced the Radius, the most advanced snowmobile goggle in the world.  The Radius goggles focus on four areas: fog proofing, field of vision, lens durability and ventilation/comfort.  Klim’s new PolyCarb2 Premium Lens construction provides the rider with a lens that has maximum durability and is scratch resistant. The exclusive ZERO FOG technology bonds the toughest lens material to provide the rider with anti-fog capabilities in the harshest conditions.


To channel air through, the Radius Airchaimber airspace is managed by the Fresh air ventilation system that maintains clean air in front of the riders eyes and across the lens without drying your vision.  Klim has designed in-frame directional intakes and substantial in-lens vents to keep the Radius  goggles Airchamber restored with clean air.


The exclusive foam used on the Radius  goggles provide maximum durability, breathability and comfort never before seen in a snowmobile goggle. The high wicking of the face foam will keep moisture away from your face and a medical grade foam absorption property disperses the sweat away from your eyes.


Klim’s Radius  goggles will come in three different models and prices to match your style.  The Radius Polarized MSRP is $159.99, Radius Mirrored MSRP is $129.99, and the Radius Tint MSRP is $109.99.  They will be available mid-October 2012,  just in time for the winter snowmobile season. They will be in limited quantities for the US,  so be sure to add Klim’s Radius goggles to your wish list at and secure your set for this winter season.


**Goggles will be available starting mid-October 2012!

Chris Chris Chris
Social Media Editor at BTO Sports
Known as "Doc" around the industry, Chris has been around the motocross/mountain bike industry for over 15 years. When not writing articles of excellence, he can be found riding his CRF450R at the many Southern California motocross tracks and local MTB trails around the Ventura County area.