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Race Team

Rides Unlimited/BTOSports Race Team 

BTO Sports is ready to go racing in 2018! With our commitment to Amateur racing in motocross,  we have signed on as a title sponsor for Rides Unlimited Racing amateur program for this year. No doubt we are excites, as the Rides Unlimited/BTO Sports Racing team will come in like a storm in 2018!2018 Amateur Racing Team

2018 Amateur Racing Team

With the guidance of team owner and manager Greg Geistler, this team will be able to represent a professional image and push the limits of amateur racing. BTO Sports will also bring aboard Acerbis USA, POD Active, No-Toil Industries and Merchant Services LTD to the list of existing team sponsors.

Greg Geistler, Rides Unlimited Team Owner/Manager added, “To add a big-name sponsor as BTO Sports to our team is very exciting along with the continued relationship with Seven Mx who contributes the ability to create designs and a look that will set our team apart. I am looking forward to the new year and being able to debut the new team transporter and look at Mini O’s.”

Kaeden Amerine - Rides Unlimited/BTOSports Race Team
Kaeden Amerine – Rides Unlimited/BTOSports Race Team

Rides Unlimited/BTO Sports Racing team riders include Kaeden Amerine (#32), Kaed Kniffing (#85), Clay Quick (#78), Lucas Geistler (#121) and Jonah Geistler (#625) aboard KTM motorcycles. The team  made its debut at the 2017 Thor Winter Olympics (Mini O’s) at Gatorback Cycle Park in Alachua, Florida and will be racing throughout the 2018 season.

Rides Unlimited BTOSports Racing
Kaed Kniffing is one to top riders of the Rides Unlimited/BTO Amateur race team

BTOSports Rider Support Program

Along with our top level Amateur race team, we offer our “BTOSports Rider Support” program through

Along with our top-level Amateur race team, we offer our “BTOSports Rider Support” program through Riders of all skill levels and age are encouraged to apply.  AboutTo join our team of riders, visit or click the link HERE