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Ethan Mann | BTO Sports Amateur Rider Bio

Ethan Mann Bio

  • Name: Ethan Mann
  • Date of Birth: 04-05-02
  • Age: 16
  • Bike (Make, Model, Year): Yamaha 2018 250, KTM 2017 125
  • Class(s) Racing: schoolboy 1&2, 125 b/c, 250 b
  • Location: Dallas, Tx

How did you get started in the sport of motocross?
I actually started riding when I was 2 years old, we lived on the property in Washington state, and I had a pw50 with training wheels on it, that my dad would let me ride while he held me with a rope. Then on my fifth birthday, there was a night track that did races Thursday nights and we originally went to watch but I wanted to race superbad and after that just was a natural at it.


Who has inspired you to be and do what you are doing today?
I always was inspired by Ryan Dungey growing up, because his will to continue trying as an amateur. Even though he wasn’t the best, his will to work hard non stop got noticed by Roger Decoster, who saw potential.

Ethan Mann

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
I see myself in five years contesting for a 250SX championship.


Any Schooling? If so are you being Home Schooled or attending Public School?
I went to public school tell last year. I started homeschooling mid-year last year and now am doing Penn foster high school program online.


Now that you have been sponsored by BTO Sports for 2 years, what are the top 3 ways has helped you out the most? (In order)
1. Parts for bikes and any accessories off the website.
2. Graphics for my bikes, that always makes my bikes look so sick!
3. Apparel and media help


What are your goals/ambitions for the rest of the 2018 season, and future seasons to come?
I want to win both classes at LL’s this year, and then go to Canada win up there and come back and train for a full year of B.

Ethan Mann
A champion in the making

Has played a significant role in where you are today in the sport?
BTO Sports has helped me so much since I’ve joined the team. It would be hard to leave them, they are family!


Do you want to continue your relationship with as a sponsor in the future seasons? Reasons why?
Yes, i love the graphics alone much less being able to order parts or accessories for my practice and race bikes.


If you had to choose a professional team to ride for, who would that be? and Why?
Factory red bull KTM, or factory Yamaha.  KTM, because the fact they get to train with Aldon is alone super good much less the bikes they have are unbelievable. YAM, just because i like the Yamaha 250’s and 450’s!

What is your training regimen like? (how often do you ride, what is your training like off the bike, who do you train with)
I ride usually 4 days during the week at the underground training facility, with riders like Parker Mashburn, Zane Merrett, Hunter Schlosser, Stockton Stinebuagh, Devin Xindaris, Clay Quick and many more. Off the bike usually, 3 mile run, then do some ab and arm workouts or a 25-mile road bike with arm and abs or a circuit workout in the gym.


Where is your absolute favorite place to ride?
I really like  WW Ranch in Florida and any new tracks that are technical and rough

Ethan Mann and Family

Who would you like to thank?
Mom and Dad,  Bto sports, Fox, Atlas Brace, FMF, Dunlop, Monster army, Pit Posse, Underground training facility, Nihilo concepts,  Dt1 filters, Cometic gaskets, Lucas oil