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Radial MX Boot | Product Spotlight


The All-New Radial MX Boot Blends Performance & Value.

Today’s product spotlight is our favorite kind… the kind that meshes quality and value. The Radial MX Boot from Thor brings a modern look, dazzling colors and professional-grade technology to a boot with a value-based price point. And here in 2019- we demand all of the above!

Thor MX is a leader in all things motocross apparel, so they’ve learned a lot over the years. Furthermore, their entry-level Blitz Boots are already a benchmark for how to design comfortable boots that are cost-friendly. And now, these Radial MX Boots really give the consumer some incredible options for durable, top-shelf motocross boots- at a very reasonable price indeed. Moreover, they look amazing!

Let’s start with a “60 Second Product Review”, direct from our BTO Sports YouTube Channel. Certainly, this site is the one to check out for all the new motocross product info. Moreover, visual aids always rock! Enjoy:

The all-new release from Thor, the Radial MX boot. First off, these motocross boots are race inspired with premium protection and comfort. Secondly, it’s available at a modest price point. Lastly, it boasts a true-to-size fit for most. From the ground up, the durable soles offer a precise feel on the pegs, backed by a steel shank.

The tech in these boots is extreme. Because the radial ankle axis hinge system supports an upper and lower lockout combination. Which promotes flexibility while limiting hyperextension. Noteworthy are the synthetic calf overlays that provide heat protection. While promoting grip on those dirt bike controls! Also relevant is the low-profile toe box for easy shifting. Not to mention smooth locking buckles and a comfort mesh liner. All in all, this boot rocks some key features! So for the modern track or trail rider, try the Thor Radial MX Boot.

Admit it: these boots look GOOD…

Radial MX Boot Features

The Radial MX Boot brings quite a bit to the table. The Spec sheet below will make that clear enough! These boots have the research and development behind them to make them as safe as they are comfortable. This is flat-out motocross protective gear of the highest order. Believe us, there’s ample muscle behind this hustle. Bring on the features!

Loaded with tech. people…

Boot Spec Sheet:

  • Pre-curved injection molded components throughout
  • Radial hinge component add structure and reduces over extension
  • Injection molded positive lock buckle system
  • Adjustable straps allow for a custom and secure fit 
  • Injection molded medial abrasion plate with integrated shift protection
  • Fully synthetic calf overlays deliver premium durability and optimal grip; working seamlessly w/motocross pants for full coverage 
  • Low profile toe box for unhindered shifting
  • Uni-directional outsole inserts for extended wear
  • Mesh liner promotes airflow while interior EVA panels enhance comfort… just slip those motocross socks inside
  • Tested and certified to standard EN 13634:2017
These boots got sole power…

Naturally, these Radial MX boots will pair up nicely with any of the great Thor MX motocross gear combos, as well as any gear from any of the other fine brands as well. To that end, you should really check out the 2019 offerings from Thor- they look absolutely trick! And we have them all right here at BTO Sports. When it comes to motocross- you know we have you covered.

Thor listens to what everyday riders want in their dirt bike gear. And how we need it to perform. With this upcoming 2019 release, you can grab the motocross apparel your favorite rider is wearing at Supercross and Motocross. Including these great new Thor Radial MX Boots.

And for those who want to be noticed…

Radial MX Boot @ BTO Sports

Ready to order up? Couldn’t blame you. These Radial MX Boots tow the line of performance and style with perfect symmetry. And wouldn’t you know it- we have them in all colors and sizes right here at BTO Sports. In stock and ready to ship. In fact, the whole Thor MX 2019 catalog is here (see below). We have your dirt bike parts too. Come on over and let us get you ready for the dirt in 2019. You’ll be twisting the throttle in no time.

Chris Leahy
CL has been blogging it up for BTO Sports since the days when Bob "Hurricane" Hannah ruled the motocross roost. In fact, his guerilla-style coverage of the now-infamous "Massacre at Saddleback" is now considered one of the great MX blogs of all time. Enjoy the blogs, folks- that's the whole idea!

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