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Red, White & True Collection 2019


Fox Keeps Things Red, White & True for Summer 2019!

Getting ready for summer means updating and vastly improving your warm-weather casual wardrobe. Enter the 2019 Red, White & True Collection from Fox Racing! There’s no way not to get excited about this new line of tees, hats and swimwear. It’s motocross summer wear like you won’t believe! And here at BTO Sports- we have it all. So let’s get started…

Fox Racing is a constant source of tremendous men’s casual with an MX flavor. It’s simply what they do! For 2019, the RWT gear they’ve dropped is yet another podium finish for their design team. This stuff looks amazing, as you will quickly see from the pictures in this blog. To that end, have your wallet at the ready! Your order should be coming forthwith.

Summer time is when everyone gets outside. It’s that time of year to enjoy the beaches, lakes, pools and dirt tracks on the daily! And as the temps creep up, you need comfortable tees, tanks and hats to attack summer with. Like the Slasher Premium Muscle Tank you see above- ha! No one knows this better than Fox Racing. And they have responded once more with this new collection.

The Red, White & True Collection here celebrates this great time of year while also celebrating the rich heritage that comes when you combine the colors red, white and blue. There’s just something magical about that color combo!

As a result, there’s a whole bevvy of great options for you to choose from. The whole collection looks great. Moreover, you know that Fox Racing only uses the highest quality materials- so the value is there too. Just like their dirt bike gear– this casual collection is designed to turn heads and is built to last. It’s everything you want in some new duds!


Red, White & True – Men’s

It all starts with the Fox Racing Flag Head X Tee (pictured above). Why? Because red, white and blue is a classic style that never falls out of fashion. It’s timeless! And it sure pairs well with summertime. So fire up the BBQ, put the drinks on ice and rock this Old-Glory-inspired t-shirt.

Clearly, Fox Racing is putting the time in. Their tee shirts have a comfort that you can’t find elsewhere. They even have high-grade, performance tees. Like the popular Slasher Airline Tee, which has moisture-wicking properties to keep you dry during a workout or long bike ride. Their tees run the gamut- from the technical to the ultra-comfy premium to the very basic. All you need to do is decide which is best for your needs…

And they got swim wear too, y’all!


Get ready to salute the flag. Old Glory never looked so good. With a high-quality construction, comfortable fit, and cool graphics, the Patriot Boardshort will help you have the time of your life everywhere from lakes to rivers and from sea to shining sea. It just doesn’t get any cooler looking than this!

Furthermore, believe us when we tell you- Fox Racing knows boardshorts! From materials to fit, their boardies are the most comfortable you’ll ever wear. And quick-drying too! Critical when you’re hopping out of the water and hitting the bar.


Fox Racing knows this- thus you’ll be seeing a stars and stripes theme throughout this great collection. And really- isn’t that how it should be? These colors look great! And Fox Racing knows how to use them, which makes all the difference when making must-have motocross tees and shirts. It’s clear by now that Fox Racing has their finger on the pulse of what today’s riders want in their MX casual wear.

Hat Up…

The hats of the Red, White & True Collection are equally up to the task! With bold colors and graphics- these hats will serve you well right into winter. Take for example the Patriot Snapback Hat (pictured above). It’s an All-American, star-spangled triumph if ever there was one! This hat is a true ‘cut above’- you’re going to want one of these while you can get one.

But there are other hats in this collection that are also well worth your consideration. The Flag Head X Flexfit Hat immediately comes to mind. A classic Fox design gets the red, white and blue treatment to create a look that needs to be seen to be believed.

Another great hat option is the new Fox Racing Badge Snapback Hat. The beauty is in the simplicity. And that’s what’s great about Fox Racing as it relates to casual wear. Whether you prefer brash and bold or muted and understated fashions- they have you covered either way. Cliche as it sounds, there really is something for everybody.

Finally, the Barred Premium Tee (pictured above) is the perfect style whether you’re going to class, mixing gas or kicking… It features ultra-soft fabric, an easy-fitting silhouette, and MX-inspired artwork. Furthermore, it lets everyone know that you’re serious about your motocross!

And if you think the Men’s collection is fabulous- we got your kids hooked up as well. It’s a family affair, people! Let’s check out some of the great new options for our little riders.

Red, White & True – Youth

Fox Racing is renowned for their marvelous collection of youth casual wear! The dedication to getting kids involved in MX is a part of who they are as a company. To that end, the youth section of their 2019 Red, White & True Collection is an absolute winner!

Take for example the Youth Patriot Tee pictured above. Outstanding! This classic crew neck tee boasts a large USA flag printed on ultra-soft cotton construction. So it’s a classic combination of comfort and durability.

Also, the Fox Racing Youth Global Tee (pictured above) brings this color scheme right to the forefront! Make no mistake, this whole collection is as comfortable for kids to play in as it is colorful and fun. The whole youth catalog is given the same attention and care in its development as does the adult versions. And as for the colors and graphics- this gear brings it!

Also, the Fox Youth Muffler Tee (pictured above) is another hit on the youth front. It’s perfect for the young, up-and-coming rider. Especially relevant is the soft fabric blend and bold graphics. Because these will keep him looking his best whether he’s at the track or kicking back.

The Youth Triple Threat Tee looks great all day long and twice on Sunday. Us “self-sponsored” riders have to be proficient in every aspect of motocross – skilled pilot, capable mechanic, and team manager. You’re a triple threat; treat your amateur rider to ultra-soft Fox tee to keep them comfortable on their journey. And who says a youth can’t be a triple threat as well? We thought so!

So be sure to check out the full collection of great youth gear. The Red, White & True is a big hit with the small people! Believe it!

Red, White & True Gear @ BTO Sports

In summary, this is casual wear that you’re going to want to add to your summer wardrobe. The Red, White & True Collection has something for everybody! And it’s all right here at BTO Sports. Because we have it all! We have the dirt bike parts you need for your bike and the tees and hats you need for after the ride. So come by today and let us hook you up with the whole schmere!

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