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Renthal Bike Parts | Spotlight


Renthal Builds Better Parts… And Better Riders!

Today we shine the spotlight on Renthal and their tremendous catalog of high-quality dirt bike parts. In a way, this blog is really just a celebration of one of the hallmark motocross companies in the industry. Their list of MX products can be found on the bikes of motocross riders all over the globe. Podiums too! Let’s delve into the reasons why.

The driving force behind all Renthal products is a shared passion for winning. In short, they believe in making parts with unbeatable quality. Just check out their dirt bike sprockets and chains… the quality shows up in an instant! To that end, their parts are responsible for 198 World and 205 US titles,! So clearly, Renthal’s legacy resides forever in the pantheon of successful motocross companies.

Based in Manchester, UK for over 40 years, Renthal is a community pillar. Moreover, it leads in the design, development, testing, production and quality of a wide range of product categories from these premises.

Oh yeah…

Renthal Twinwall Handlebars

First and foremost, Renthal Twinwall Handlebars are engineered for the toughest of conditions. The Twinwall feature a patented design that borrow aircraft design principles by utilizing two tubes. Providing the rider with a combination of Strength, lightweight and safety.

Since their introduction in 1998, the Twinwall® have been the handlebar of choice for countless professional race teams. Moreover, their dirt bike controls help more riders win championships than any other handlebar in the world. These handlebars bring so much to the table! You will not believe it.

Everything you’re looking for… and then some.

Renthal Twinwall Features

  • Twinwall® Construction – Consists of two aluminium alloy tubes, one within the other
  • Outer Tube is 7010 T73, which Offers Extreme Resistance to Mechanical Damage | Anodized to Prevent Corrosion
  • Inner Tube is Ultra-High Strength 7010 T6 Aluminium | Also Hard Anodized to Resist Wear
  • Single Bolt Design | Positioning Grid | Knurled End
  • Standard Handlebar Pad is Fitted/Included Every Time
  • Rubber Seals | Patented Design | Renowned Renthal Tech
Get a grip…

Renthal Dual Compound Grips

Renthal Dual Compound Grips have quickly become the default option for riders of all skill levels. This series combines the durability of firm compound grips with the feel and absorption of their soft compound. And who doesn’t love getting the best of both worlds.

These grips use a firm compound for the inner sections of the grip. Secondly, the rider contact areas have the Kevlar® brand compound. Which provides unbeatable comfort and control. As a result, maximum durability is achieved. Your motocross gloves immediately become one with the bars… It’s truly an unbelievable confidence boost!

Dual Compound Grip Features

  • Kevlar Brand Resin Adapts to Wear | Soft & Durable
  • Hard-Wearing Base Material Combines with Softer Contact Patch. Hence the Term ‘Dual Compound’
  • Complete the Look of your Bike with the Wide Array of Colors | It’s Not All Function People
  • More of the World’s Best Riders Use These Grips, Titles Won Include AMA Nationals & AMA Supercross
  • Priced to Move! Get Yours NOW.

Renthal Grips have technology that make them the most trusted grips in the paddock. Furthermore, they’ve been the grip of choice for innumerable MX champions. In short, the evolution of Renthal Grip technology is producing the strongest, most durable and championship winning grips.

Also, Renthal Grips are available in a range of different compounds and constructions (Tapered, Dual and Original). The newest is the Ultra Tacky Dual Compound Tapered Grips… fantastic! In summary, there’s a Renthal grip that is suitable for any type of riding and personal preference.

Renthal R1 520 Works Chain

Let’s be clear- you need a premium, high-strength offroad chain! Furthermore, that chain has to have excellent impact load resistance and a design that specifically withstands the stress found in off road riding. As a result, the Renthal R1 520 Works Chains are the choice when lightweight design and maximum power transfer are important considerations.

Gold rush!

Renthal R1 Chain Features

  • Steel Plates are “Shot Peened” for Strength/Load Resistance
  • Inner Links are Chamfered | Reduces Chain Derailment
  • Bearing Pins are Chromised for Excellent Resistance to Wear in Gritty Conditions | Specifically for Offroad Applications
  • Pre-Formed Bushings Distribute Load | Extending Chain Life
  • Gold Side Plates have Corrosion-Resistant Plating
  • Perfect Match with Renthal Ultralight Rear Sprocket
  • Includes a Master Link & Latex Gloves for Installation
  • These Chains are Literally the ‘Gold Standard’!
Protect those mitts!

Renthal Moto Handguards

Renthal Moto Handuards have all the parts required to be fitted to your bike. These include the mountings to allow the extension beam to be fitted over the top or underneath the bars. And the color options really pop too! A must for any bike re-sale… that’s for sure.

Trail riders swear by the ol’ hand guards… and rightly so. All kinds of roost and debris will fly your way on the average ride. So make sure you are protected. To be sure, your hands will thank you repeatedly for this motocross protective gear!

All the colors of the rainbow…

Handguard Features

  • First, It’s Excellent Protection Against Rocks & Roosts
  • Secondly, a Lightweight, dual-compound molded plastic shield with flexible synthetic rubber edge.
  • Thirdly, A Reinforced Composite Plastic Mounting Bracket Offers Protection | Allows Guard to Flex in the Event of a Crash.
  • Safety First… Ideally Suited to Protect So You Can Hit the Dirt Bike Brakes As Needed!
  • Also, It Mounts Independently of Perches for Versatility
  • As a Result, These Guards Does Not Interfere w/Dirt Bike Controls.
  • Multiple Color Options Allow You to customize Your Bike Properly.
  • Sold in Pairs | Made in the U.S.A.
It’s all right here.

Renthal Bike Parts @ BTO Sports

In conclusion, Renthal is the goods. We know this! All of their products are designed with performance in mind. And they’re all right here at BTO Sports. We have it all. So whether it’s some Renthal hard parts, some new motocross apparel, or just a few pieces of MX-inspired casual wear– we’re ready and waiting to make it happen! Come on over today, and let us make you a believer.

Chris Leahy
CL has been blogging it up for BTO Sports since the days when Bob "Hurricane" Hannah ruled the motocross roost. In fact, his guerilla-style coverage of the now-infamous "Massacre at Saddleback" is now considered one of the great MX blogs of all time. Enjoy the blogs, folks- that's the whole idea!