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Renthal Cycling | MTB Products

Renthal Cycling Gives You an Edge.

Everyone in motocross circles knows all about Renthal. They make the best-selling handlebars in the biz! But Renthal Cycling is proving that their MTB and BMX products are equal to the task! Their MTB bike parts are now must-own upgrades for the bicycle.

We’re talking bars, grips, and stems. So, everything that made them a household name in moto. MTB and BMX Renthal is soaring in popularity! In addition to the legendary bars, they’re creating much more… and the buzz is palpable. To be sure, the trails and forests will soon come to know the power of Renthal!

Let’s check out some of Renthal’s great MTB and BMX handlebars, along with some other great bike parts!

Fatbar Lite Carbon Riser Handlebar

The Fatbar Lite Carbon Riser Handlebar is the ultimate light-weight, trail-proof option for riders of any skill level. Especially relevant for Trail, Enduro and XC riders and racers, the Fatbar Lite Carbon is the clear market leader in terms of weight, strength, stiffness and most importantly, ‘ride-feel’.

An extensive R&D process ensures the Fatbar Lite Carbon feels like an MTB set of bars! While retaining the strength and durability of the famed Renthal Twinwall Handlebars! This achieves the market-leading weight of just 180g, at 740mm width.

In summary, these bars ride faster, jump further and last longer. Boom!

Renthal Cycling Apex Stem

The Renthal Apex Stem combines All-Mountain strength, Enduro stiffness and XC lightweight. It’s a modern marvel! Because it’s unique 240deg handlebar clamps allow much of the stem body material to be removed. Furthermore, it retains the strength and stiffness demanded by modern, wide handlebars.

The Apex is fully CNC machined. And it features an oversize center bore, extensive 3-D machining and external webbing. Why? So it maximizes structural strength and stiffness and minimizes weight.

Make no mistake, these are tremendous MTB and BMX Stems. If you want a serious upgrade for your bike- look no further.

Lock-On Traction Grips

Renthal Lock-On Traction Grips feature CNC aluminium locking collars, permanently integrated with the central core, giving the ultimate all-weather security on the handlebar. The integrated construction eliminates any movement between the grip section and the collars, which could otherwise develop over time.

The handlebar grip is your key contact point for controlling your bike. They work in concert with your MTB Gloves to bolster confidence on the bike. Having a grip suited to your individual demands is hugely important. For this reason we offer a wide range of compounds to suit every rider’s preference.

This Traction grip pattern was designed to give ultimate control in all conditions. In a sense, they’re little pieces of MTB protective gear. The additional mechanical grip of the “Traction” pattern means that you can retain control, no matter what the weather might throw at you.

Stay in control! Grab some of these Lock-On Grips!

Renthal Cycling @ BTO Sports

As you know, BTO Sports is your place for all things Renthal. This is always true of motocross, but it’s also very true of MTB and BMX! Furthermore, we have everything you need to get you set up for mountain bike racing. From bike parts, to casual wear and the very latest MTB Riding Gear – come check us out!

Chris Leahy
CL has been blogging it up for BTO Sports since the days when Bob "Hurricane" Hannah ruled the motocross roost. In fact, his guerilla-style coverage of the now-infamous "Massacre at Saddleback" is now considered one of the great MX blogs of all time. Enjoy the blogs, folks- that's the whole idea!

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