Published on Jan 3, 2018

When it comes to aftermarket sprockets, Renthal is the most reliable and sought after sprocket available on the market today.

Renthal Sprockets combine strength, weight, and durability thanks to its high strength T6 aluminum alloy to create the perfect rear chainwheel that features mud grooves and is available in assorted colors. The front sprocket is constructed of a nickel chromes steel for the ultimate strength and hardness.

Both available in various sizes, the Renthal front, and rear sprockets are the winningest duo in the history of motocross.

Let’s get to know these world-famous chainwheels from Renthal a bit better. Built to last and built for speed- these dirt bike drive parts are immediate upgrades for your bike.


The Renthal Front Chainwheel

Renthal off-road front chainwheels are chosen by more factory motocross and supercross teams than any other chainwheel on the market today. They are CNC machined from a cased hardened and core refined 655M13 nickel chromium steel. These sprockets continually shine in motocross reviews.

  • Standard (132)

Most models of the Front Standard Countershaft Sprocket utilize mud grooves! These are CNC machined into each tooth on both sides. This is to allow mud to flow away from the key contact points between the chain and chainwheel. This helps reduce wear and increases the drive train lifespan.

Certain models are available in a computer aided Ultralight design to further reduce weight while still maintaining its structural integrity.


The Renthal Rear Chainwheel

Renthal chainwheels are chosen by more factory motocross and SX teams than any other brand available! They are, by any measure, premium dirt bike controls! Renthal rear chainwheels are CNC machined. They offer the greatest concentricity and optimum tooth profile for increased life and durability. Especially relevant in the more rugged riding conditions.

Through the CNC machining process, Renthal creates an extremely lightweight rear chainwheel. Almost as light as a feather. As a result, this reduces revolving unsprung weight. Also, it allows maximum power transfer to the rear wheel.


Rear chainwheels are available in two forms. Their Ultralight Rear Sprocket is designed for MX, Trials and ATV. Moreover, the incredible Twinring is designed for maximum working life. Both are readily available for all modern motocross bikes. Comparison shopping will clearly prove these sprockets to be top selections.

  • MEC

Renthal Sprockets Power Winning.

Renthal’s vast number of championships covers a huge variety of disciplines. Ranging from Trials to Motocross, Enduro to Speedway, they’re used in almost every type of motorcycle competition. We’re trying to tell you: Renthal makes championship-caliber dirt bike parts! Simply put, the record books are not big enough to hold the countless national, amateur and local championship amassed over the years.

Globally, Renthal’s records are unsurpassable with over 205 US titles and over 198 World titles. Seems like every year that number grows. Thanks to the hard work and dedication to detail, the Renthal factory is helping world class riders achieve their championship goals. Furthermore, since the beginning in 1969 Renthal is at the top of the podium!