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Roland Sands Design Motorcycle Leather Jackets | Product Spotlight


Ride Safely, Ride Stylishly

The roads are inviting, and you are more than willing… but you need protection. Unquestionably, motorcycle leather jackets are your answer.

Not only are they important to help you battle against the elements, but they also protect against anything the road throws at you with every slip, slide, and fall. After every adventure, you must relinquish your ride. Getting off your motorcycle doesn’t mean you have to leave your jacket. An iconic piece of American clothing, leather jackets have been cool since day one. From James Dean, to Steve McQueen, motorcycle leather jackets are here to stay. Flexible enough to rock on and off your ride, leather jackets are a staple in any rider’s wardrobe or gear collection.

Ever since the age of 5, when he got his first Dirt Bike on his birthday, Roland Sands has had bikes on his mind. His varied experiences with motorcycles throughout the years has lead him to the most obvious destination: Roland Sands Design. With his own company, Roland Sands is able to have a hand in everything motorcycle related. From parts and accessories, to whole custom cycles, the name Roland Sands represents quality. The offerings in the leathers department is no different. Roland Sands has created quality motorcycle leather jackets, designed with both sportbike and chopper influences from Roland Sands’s life.

As a knight of the streets, you want to make sure you have the best suit of armor protecting you at all times. Here are the top leathers from Roland Sands:

Roland Sands Design City Motorcycle Leather Jacket
City Black Leather Jacket

One of the most classically styled leather jackets out there, the Roland Sands City Leather Jacket continues the iconic look of old school cool in America. No other jacket encompasses the essence of Rebel Without a Cause like this foray from Roland Sands Design. Although the outside conveys both a  rebellious cool and an easygoing nature, the jacket contains all the technical specifications of modern leather jackets. Sleeve zip pockets and zip close cuffs are some of the innovative ways to keep the jacket updated and customizable, without sacrificing the look of Americana.

To order the Roland Sands Design City Leather Jacket in many available colors, CLICK HERE

Roland Sands Enzo Mahogany Motorcycle Leather Jacket
Roland Sands Enzo Mahogany Motorcycle Leather Jacket

With a European-inspired look, with a classic riding fit, this jacket may look average, but has all the modern designs that make this jacket as excellent functionally as it is beautiful. A cafe style take on the leather jacket, the Enzo Leather Jacket features a corduroy-lined collar and cuffs for comfort. 100% cotton lining embrace the rest of the jacket, holding you comfortable at any moment. This jacket is perfect for those that want to stray a little bit from the usual leather jacket look.

To order the Roland Sands Design Enzo Leather Jacket in any classic color, CLICK HERE

Roland Sands Barfly Black Motorcycle Leather Jacket
Roland Sands Barfly Black Motorcycle Leather Jacket

The Barfly is a classic leather jacket with one caveat- it has perforations. The same comfort, as the classic Barfly, but with a new focus on ventilation, the Perforated Barfly is perfect for warm humid weather, or for those that ride hard and heavy, taking their bodies to the limit. The perforations are slight and subtle at a glance, but cool and functional while you’re riding. Complete with all stretch mesh lining, this leather jacket is for the ride looking for more function with their form.

To order the Roland Sands Design Barfly Leather Jacket in a variety of colors, CLICK HERE

Roland Sands Clash Oxblood Motorcycle Leather Jacket
Roland Sands Clash Oxblood Motorcycle Leather Jacket

The Clash Leather Jacket is built with the rocker in mind. Less of the average motorcyclist look and moreso of a rock and roll look, this leather jacket features front pockets and an offset YKK zipper to open the front- a nod to going against cultural norms. Although the jacket calls upon images of going against the grain in culture, this jacket exhibits top grain cowhide that is washed and oiled/waxed. “Airborne” hand finished, this jacket is taken care of by individuals that make sure this piece of leather is perfect for your body.

To order the Roland Sands Design Clash Leather Jacket in different colors, CLICK HERE

Roland Sands Ronin Black Motorcycle Leather Jacket
Roland Sands Ronin Black Motorcycle Leather Jacket

The Ronin Leather Jacket is a modern design on the leather jacket. With race-inspired design, this jacket subtly conveys style cues of today. This jacket keeps the style and cool of old leather jackets that hark back to the days Easy Rider and adds the modern day european-inspired stylings of cafes and technical machines.  Satin poly lining on the inside give riders a more modern comfort level, while keeping the classic cool Euro look. Definitely for those that want to stand out, this jacket provides just enough flair to showcase your personality.

To order the Roland Sands Design Ronin Leather Jacket in many different designs, CLICK HERE

Grab your leathers and go!

A safety feature when you’re on the road, and a part of fashion when you’re off it, leather jackets are an important part of any rider’s gear. All Roland Sands Leathers include armor ready shoulder, elbow and back protector pockets, and are distinctly designed to show off updated or classic iterations of their leathers. Along with Roland Sands Design, BTO Sports offers many other leather jackets as well that fit the needs of a great variety of riders. No matter what kind of look or function you’re looking for, BTO Sports has what you need. Our Motorcycle Street Gear Collection offers everything else you could possibly want for riding the street.

Look to BTO Sports for all your leather riding needs, and click here!

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