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Royal Racing MTB | 2019 Collection


Gain Your Edge with Royal Racing MTB…

Royal Racing MTB comes in hard and heavy for 2019! With MTB/BMX Gear that looks amazing and has ridiculous functionality! From head-to-toe- jerseys, shorts, pants and jackets – Royal Racing is here to dominate. Let’s show you how!

Royal Racing is in the business of making rider-friendly MTB and BMX Riding Gear. It’s really that simple! The cut of their garments is all about race performance, while they also strive for a price point that makes their gear accessible to the MTB masses. It’s a great formula, but hard to achieve. But thus far in 2019, that’s exactly what Royal Racing is pulling off.

Royal Racing, bringing it in 2019.

Whether it’s the wildly popular Royal Racing Race Long Sleeve Jersey (pictured above) or any of the other fine 2019 garments, the mountain biking gear coming from Royal Racing is well made and dazzling to behold. Here’s a deeper look at some of their great 2019 offerings.

The Royal Racing Core Jersey. Cool & Comfy. All day long.

Royal Racing MTB – Core Jerseys

First off, Royal makes a super simple t-shirt-cut jersey that dries four times quicker than cotton. Secondly, that jersey gives the best feel against the skin as part of a kick-ass MTB layering system. As a result, the Royal Racing Core Short Sleeve Jersey is the first choice for riders who are looking for a casually-styled piece of riding gear made from a fabric that looks just as good on or off the bike.

It’s not even fair how cool these jerseys are…

Noteworthy is that this may look like an everyday tee. But it’s not! This material dries fast and gives you an edge as the long, hot ride day wears on. Moreover, this jersey is “polygiene”. Which is to say that the Core Jersey is treated with anti-bacterial properties to keep your jersey fresh. Clearly, you can’t go wrong with this kind of ride tech in your Mountain Bike Jerseys.

And yes, there’s a long-sleeve version of this beauty. In fact, the Core Long Sleeve Jersey is one of the best sellers here at BTO Sports. So you should definitely check out getting one of each. Then and only then will you be set for all riding conditions!

Killer MTB Shorts? An absolute must…

Royal Racing MTB – Core Shorts

The core of the Royal short range is both simple and effective. Especially relevant are the features borrowed from shorts higher at a much higher price point. In essence, the Royal Racing Core Shorts are just that- the core of the range, simple and effective. The 2-way Stretch Quick-Wick material offers great mobility and the adjustable belt make dialing the fit easy.

The Royal Racing Core Shorts. Straight-up stylish.

Two hand pockets with an internal pocket to secure your phone and two rear pockets with Velcro closures gives you the choice of where to keep that all important trail snack. All of these factors are important to remember any time you’re hunting down some MTB Pants/Shorts. Make no mistake, these Core Shorts are a tremendous value due to their combination of price and long-lasting durability.

Be the calm before the Storm.

Royal Racing MTB – Storm Shorts

The ultimate in wet weather riding shorts, the Royal Racing Storm Shorts remain unchanged for the last few years. Because ‘if it ain’t broke’…yada yada yada! Taped seams, reflective logos, waterproof pockets and a ratchet waist closure make the Storms ready for anything.

The Storm is one on the longest running shorts in the Royal range. It is loved by Scottish and Canadian riders alike. Because the 3 layer, 2 way stretch fabric has a 10,000 MVP rating. Furthermore, all the seams on the Storm Shorts are taped to give maximum protection against wet weather. Two waterproof zips keeps the pockets dry and prevent that tenner or muesli bar from getting soggy.

An all-weather beauty.

Lastly, the Storm Short is designed for the most demanding conditions. That’s because these shorts share the ratchet closure from Royal’s famed Victory race shorts. To that end, you can expect a race-quality zip fly and close fitting cut. Any questions?

Royal Racing MTB – Heritage Jerseys

The Heritage jersey is designed to work in warmer temperatures with breathable Tri-Blend, moisture-wicking fabric to keep odor at bay when the trails keep on going. The casual style of the Heritage Long Sleeve Jersey lends itself to a T-shirt cut. So it’s great on the trails and subtle enough for a beer afterwards.

The Heritage jersey is one you will wear again and again. Just slide it over that MTB Base Layer and you’re literally ready to race. Moreover, it’s absolutely ideal for big rides or those short blasts on the trail. With that in mind, Royal uses a Tri-Blend wicking fabric that’s Antibacterial to keep it smelling fresh.

Just another fine option for all of you MTB weekend warriors! I’m telling you, the 2019 catalog from Royal Racing is fabulous. You need to come over to BTO Sports and peruse this stuff for yourself. You’re going to love it.

Race on over to BTO for your Royal Racing MTB Gear!

Royal Racing MTB @ BTO Sports

In conclusion, BTO Sports is your one-stop shop for all things mountain biking. So next time you need some bike parts or some new Royal Racing 2019 apparel- we are your source! Because we have it all, we have it cheap and our customer service is second to none. Fact. So remember the name BTO next time you find yourself in need of some MTB Sunglasses. We got you covered!

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