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Not Too Early To Begin Thinking Safety | Avalanche Preparedness

Avalanche preparedness

Safety and avalanche preparedness for the upcoming snowmobiling season.


The snowmobile manufacturers have developed a close working relationship with the Canadian and American avalanche training and awareness teams. With increased education among snowmobilers, the number of snowmobile-related avalanche fatalities and occurrences has fallen dramatically.


With winter approaching, several groups, including the snowmobile manufacturers, are working on expanding the avalanche awareness effort as more and more riders from outside the mountainous regions are riding in the beautiful mountain terrain, which also poses new and significant challenges.


The US Forest Service Team has put together a brochure which highlights some of the key avalanche safety issues. For more information, visit’s website ,


A few avalanche facts:


>Avalanches are a matter of timing. Some days steep slopes are safe,  some days they are not.

>90% of avalanche victims die in slides  triggered by themselves or a member of  their group.

>A buried victim has an 80% chance of  survival after 10 minutes, but survival  quickly drops to a 40% chance after 12 minutes.



Carrying the proper rescue gear will help in the event that someone is buried in an avalanche.  Every rider in the group should carry a beacon, a probe to pinpoint a trapped rider’s location and a shovel to dig them out.  The proper rescue gear will save a life in the event of an avalanche.


Be safe and use your head out on the trail.  Recognize mother nature’s warnings and you should have a safe and fun season in the snow. For safety gear, visit BTO Sports for all of your snowmobiling gear and accessories.

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