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Sammy Mercado | MTB Trail Builder

Sammy Mercado | A Life Dedicated to MTB

Behind every great sport there’s a Sammy Mercado. In the MTB world, he is the premier trail builder.  His work digging and building sets of jumps and unique tracks is legendary. And his work is showcased at many of Red Bull’s biggest MTB contests and events.

Every sport needs the people behind the scenes with the passion to make the sport great in their own way.  Sammy Mercado loves MTB and is an accomplished rider in his own right. But his knowledge of terrain is what makes him so special to the sport of MTB.

Check out his great story!

Published on Apr 10, 2017

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Sammy Mercado devotes his flesh and soul to creating his own utopian freeride mountain bike zone, without constraints. Using his own manpower, along with a shovel, pic axe and some water — water he carries into the desert using 5-gallon buckets — Mercado has carved a slice of freeride paradise into the hidden hills of Southern California.

Rocks, Dirt & Familia: Mercado, Berrecloth, Storch

Mercado’s passion for the sport is tantamount to the best riders in the world. Even if no one was watching, he’d still be out in the dirt, doing his thing. We caught up with Mercado to find out what it takes to build a Red Bull Rampage-inspired run, and brought out Claw and Storch to complete the trifecta of shred.

My motivation comes from being out in the mountains — I feel so relaxed there.
Sammy Mercado

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