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Scosche Rockstar | Spotlight

Scosche Rockstar Product Spotlight

The all new lineup of Scosche Rockstar electronics and mounts have arrived just in time for summer! As the weather warms up, get out and go with these new Scosche products! These devices are portable, rugged, and absolutely perfect for those with active lifestyles. Take them with you on your next ride or backpacking trip!

Scosche Rockstar Speakers

The epic collaboration between Scosche and Rockstar Energy™ has led to some fantastic products, like the Scosche Rockstar BoomBottle Waterproof Wireless Speaker. This indoor / outdoor wireless speaker produce crystal clear audio quality from a small device. The omnidirectional speakers produce bright treble and heavy bass for 360 degrees of immense sound. This devices has so many uses! Mount it on your ATV, Rock out in the shower or set it up on your patio for a backyard barbeque.

Scosche – Rockstar Wireless Speakers

Speaking of barbeques, the Scosche Rockstar BoomBuoy Waterproof Wireless Speaker takes the listening experience a step further. As the name implies, The BoomBuoy floats so you can enjoy your favorite jams when the weather heats up. Toss it in the pool or the lake the perfect summer jam session. Both devices are waterproof, light and rugged which makes them perfect for taking out on your next adventure. The wireless speakers come with carbiner clips so you can strap them to a backback or hang in your tent so you can rock out in outdoors! Riders can mount these speakers on their bikes or clip them to their gear bags while they tour.

Scosche Rockstar Headphones

Continuing with the Rockstar team up, Scosche has introduced three different headphones that will appeal to casual listeners and audiophiles alike! The Scosche Rockstar Thudbud Noise Isolation Earbuds produce solid audio quality while simultaneously blocking out external sounds. The Scosche Rockstar On Ear Headphones are a step up from the Thudbuds. The ultra-comfortable earcups on these Scosche headphones sit on top of your ear, which provides even more noise cancellation. This means you can listen to all your favorite tunes at safer decibel levels (or not!).

Scosche – Rockstar Wireless Headphones

The Scosche Rockstar Reference Grade Wireless Headphones are not to be taken lightly. These Scosche headphones are for the true audiophiles who won’t ever compromise on audio quality. What makes these headphones especially unique is the Bluetooth functionality so you don’t have to deal with entangling cords.


Scosche has a few new accessories that perfectly compliment their new line of products. Riders will especially love the new Scosche handlebar phone mounts. The Scosche MagicMount Phone Mount uses two different securing methods in a magnet and elastic bands. The Scosche Waterproof Phone Mount protects your mobile device from rain. Both mounts keep your phones secure, while allowing them to be removed quickly when getting on & off the bike.

The Scosche Rockstar Gobat 10K Backup Battery is essential for traveling. It has the capability of charging a phone up to six times! Dont be afraid to drop this guy either. The engineers ar schosche even ran it over with a jeep to prove its durabilty (seriously)! This device has two ports so you and a friend can hook up your devices up at the same time.

scosche rockstar backup battery
Scosche Backup 10k Gobat Backup Battery

We offer all these products and more at We have a wide selection of accessories so riders can get the most out of every ride!

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