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Scott MTB Pro Shoe | Product Spotlight

Scott MTB Pro Shoe Product Spotlight

More Power w/ Every Pedal w/ MTB Pro Shoe

For riders looking to step up their riding, moving platform pedals to clipped-in is the next progression in their riding. Not only will this aid in stability, but will allow a better transfer of power with every pedal stroke. Scott Cycling has been around for quite a long time and knows that pure cycling shoes elevate a rider’s performance.  The Scott MTB Pro shoe may be a mid level shoe, but it’s performance is top level.

Scott MTB Pro Shoe
Scott MTB Pro Shoe


The SCOTT MTB Pro shoe is a slim-fitting shoe that’s built for speed while riding on the trails. Utilizing a conforming microfiber upper with a new adaptive fit pattern and featuring a ratchet buckle and two lower anatomic fit straps that can articulate to adapt to the shape of the foot keeps everything secure while pedaling The ErgoLogic insole features an adjustable arch support and metatarsal button. The injection nylon and glass fiber sole has a stiffness index of 7 which means you will get max power with every pedal stroke.

Scott MTB Pro Lady Shoe
Scott MTB Pro Lady Shoe

The X-Traction outsole is designed for rugged mountain terrain, and offers excellent grip and traction when off the bike.

The Scott MTB Pro shoe come with an anatomically designed, adjustable insole. Foot zoning allows Scott  to consider the anatomical shape of the foot and ergonomically pre-shape our insoles for a perfect fit to support the cyclist’s foot. This provides a stable foundation for improved comfort and power transfer. The Scott modular footbed allows for adjustments to the rider’s individual needs and preferences. The footbed is designed to maximize performance and comfort:

  • METATARSAL PAD Reduces forefoot numbness and evenly distributes pressure
  • ARCH ADJUSTMENT Allows for correct foot alignment and adjusts for individual arch geometry and fit
  • HEEL CRADLE Increases heel fit and properly aligns the ankle joints during cycling

Scott MTB Pro Shoe Sole
Scott MTB Pro Shoe Sole


  • CompositionOutsole: Nylon Fiberglass co-injected, Two Component PU / Stiffness Index 7
    Upper: Microfiber, 3D Nylon Airmesh
  • Closure
    Closure system with ratchet buckle & two anatomic fit straps
  • Footbed: Adjustable ErgoLogic removable insole
    Approx. weight
    370g (US 8.5lbs)

Making the jump to clipped-in is a big jump. Getting over your fear of not pulling your feet up anytime you want is huge and you want quality shoes to make this transition in easier. The Scott MTB Pro shoe for both men and women makes this switch easier while giving you the advantage of a more efficient power stroke.

The Scott MTB Pro cycling shoe is available at  now!

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