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Scott Stego MTB Helmet | Product Spotlight

Safety and Comfort  | Scott Stego Helmets

For riders that are pushing the boundaries on the trails, the Scott Stego Helmet with MIPS technology is for you. Born from a passion for style and innovation, the Stego helmet has a clear focus on safety and functionality. The Stego helmet forward thinking on protecting the head’s most vulnerable areas, along with the integrated MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) system minimizes the rotational force that is transferred to the brain under angled impacts. This means as a mountain bike rider, you have a level of confidence while on the trail

Scott 2016 Stego MTB Helmet
Scott 2016 Stego MTB Helmet

Scott has been developing MIPS for their bicycle helmets since 2011 and have ensured a seamless integration of the MIPS brain protection system in their helmets. The MIPS protection system does not intefere with the fit, function, comfort, and ventilation of the helmet. MIPS is seamlessly integrated so you will not notice MIPS is there until you need it. For those that thrash the trails on their mountain bike and push their riding, the Scott Stego Helmet w/MIPS ensures you can continue to push yourself with confidence.

The Scott Stego MTB helmet is utilizes an Extended Coverage  designed to highlight key areas of vulnerability on the head. The extensive lower coverage protects the key areas so the rider stays safe. This means the back the helmet comes further down to protect riders in the event of a crash.


Scott Stego MTB Helmet
Scott Stego MTB Helmet

The Micro Rotary Adjustment System II, or MRAS2 Fit System –  is Scott’s top of the line fit system offering unparalleled comfort, adjustability and stability for riders. An optimized ergonomic fit designed to work seamlessly w/ the helmet and padding. The Easy to use Dial enables one handed fit adjustment.

Scott Stego MTB Helmet - Back
Scott Stego MTB Helmet – Back

You know you are getting a top quality bicycle helmet when you see the InMold Construction. The outer shell of poly carbonate material is fused w/ the helmet’s impact absorbent foam liner. This creates a super lightweight shell. This makes the helmet more comfortable than the competition.

Scott Stego MTB Helmet - Top
Scott Stego MTB Helmet

The big news about the Scott Stego helmet is that it is equipped with MIPS Brain protection system If you are seeking the best protection that money can buy then look no further. Scott helmets with integrated MIPS® brain protection system offer a whole new dimension in safety. No matter where or how you ride, Scott knows you need to be safe and the MIPS system will keep you safe in the event of a crash.


If you are a rider that is pushing your riding to the edge, a top quality helmet is the only way to protect your head.  Scott has come up with a helmet that has the safety to keep you protected and look stylish on the trails.  Before your next ride, get yourself the new Scott Stego MTB helmet!

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