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Sena Momentum Pro Dual /INC Pro Helmets | Product Spotlight

Sena Momentum INC Pro Product Spotlight
  • Safety and Fit
  • HD Integrated Camera
  • Bluetooth 4.1 Technology
  • Connectivity
  • INC Pro Features

The world of shopping for a new helmet is vast. It is diverse. It can get to be downright confusing. Countless brands, models, and variations populate this dense market. So, where to start? If you’re looking for the some of the latest and greatest from one of the most reputable helmet brands in the business, look no further than the all-new Sena Momentum Pro Dual and Momentum INC Pro.

Sena’s Momentum Pro Dual Helmet

Safety and Fit

Protection, first and foremost, is the main function of any helmet, and Sena excels at doing it comfortably. Both DOT and ECE approved, the Pro and INC Pro are built using an aerodynamically designed composite fiberglass shell with multi-density EPS. A reinforced, nylon strap D-ring retention system allows for a custom secure fit. The visor is scratch/UV resistant and Pinlock ready. The visor also features a quick release system. The lining in the interior of the helmets is constructed with a moisture-wicking laser-cut foam and is also fully removable and washable. The Momentum Pro/INC Pro keeps heads feeling fresh and dry thanks to an intricate ventilation system. Chin and forehead air intakes and an exhaust port in the rear create optimal airflow. As a result, a more comfortable ride.

HD Integrated Camera

Never miss a second of the action with a QHD (Quad HD) action camera, integrated directly into the center of the helmet. No need to be particularly “tech savvy”, as a one-touch button on the crown simply activates it.  Sena wearers can feel confident capturing every detail, recording up to 1440p at 30 frames per second. The full HD mode can record at 1080p at either 30 or 60 frames per second! Film your entire ride as the Momentum Pro series boasts a 2-hour recording time. The human eye’s average field of vision is 120 degrees. The QHD camera boasts 135 degrees, making it possible to see even more than can be remembered. Want to record even more footage? Not a problem, as a microSD card slot allows for external memory expansion.

Bluetooth 4.1 Audio Technology

Video capabilities are just the beginning for all the features that comprise the Pro and INC Pro. These smart motorcycle helmets have a built-in mic and speakers, strategically placed for maximum efficiency. Bluetooth 4.1 means a completely hands-free operation using any audio modes. Hear turn-by-turn directions without lifting a finger. Have a favorite radio station? How about a top 10? Listen to any of them with these models’ capability to preset up to 10 different radio stations. Never lose track of buddies via a unique Group Intercom™ system, allowing the wearer to talk with up to 7 other riders—at the same time. This works up to an entire mile away. The Audio Multitasking™ feature lets the wearer listen to music while simultaneously using the Bluetooth intercom. With a talk time of 20 hours and built-in Wi-Fi, this helmet will really go the distance—practically any distance.

As good as these Sena helmets are at bringing audio in, they’re every bit as efficient at keeping it out. Freeway and traffic noise levels over 100 decibels can cause slower reaction times, tinnitus, negative heart effects, and permanent hearing loss. Sena’s industry-leading Advanced Noise Control™ technology allows wearers to keep focused, alert, and calm, regardless of surrounding conditions.


Get linked in with several different Sena apps. The Sena Smartphone App is where riders are able to set up groups on the intercom, preset favorite radio stations, instantly access tech support and more. In addition, the Sena Camera App grants the ability for instant playback previews of video recordings, and full access to prior ones.

INC Pro Features

While both of these helmets are quite similar, the Sena Momentum INC Pro offers several extra perks. Featuring Ambient Mode, this allows the wearer to clearly hear their surroundings without the need to take the helmet off. The Universal Intercom™ function allows this helmet to communicate with any helmet capable, Sena or otherwise. The INC Pro model also includes the Pinlock anti-fog lens, and weighs several ounces less than its Momentum Pro counterpart.

Purchase With Confidence

Sena cares about keeping your motorcycle helmet as new as they can be, regularly releasing firmware upgrades. These upgrades will keep everything to do with the Bluetooth and the built-in camera all up to date. A lengthy warranty is also being included; 2 years for electronic components and 5 years for the helmet altogether.

There are countless options when it comes to motorcycle head protection, and countless features to choose. From audio and video options to helmet material inside and out, invest in some of the best. Stay safe and do it in style with the Sena Momentum Pro and Momentum INC Pro helmets. Find this and many other great products for all your motorcycle needs at


Sena Momentum Pro Dual Specs:

  • Retail: $599.00
  • DOT/ECE Approved
  • Bluetooth 4.1, built-in speakers/mic
  • Quad HD camera: 1440p/30fps
  • Full HD mode: 1080p/60fps
  • Advanced noise control™
  • Removable/washable quick-dry headliner
  • Sena Smartphone App/Sena Camera App

Sena Momentum INC Pro Specs:

  • Retail: $699.00
  • DOT/ECE Approved
  • Bluetooth 4.1, built-in speakers/mic
  • Universal Intercom
  • Lightweight – 3.96lbs/1.79kg
  • Quad HD camera: 1440p/30fps
  • Full HD mode: 1080p/60fps
  • Ambient audio mode
  • Removable/washable quick-dry headliner
  • Sena Smartphone App/Sena Camera App

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