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Seven MX Rival Militant | Product Spotlight

Seven MX Rival Militant Combo

Most Popular Gear Combo: Seven MX Rival Militant

Tactical with Advanced Technology

seven mx rival militant blue cement gear combo
Seven MX – Rival Militant
Blue Cement Gear Combo

More and more riders worldwide are starting to prefer the Seven MX Rival Militant as their top gear combo for the majority of the rides they take on.

Seven’s Rival Militant is so comfortable and tactical with high mobility and functionality. Who could resist?

The new 2018 Seven MX Rival Militant gear combo has a stunningly clean graphic design to encourage the powerful inner strength of an enthusiast motocross rider to perform with confidence and show off a ravishing style!

Although the Seven MX Rival Militant isn’t as intense with features like the Seven Zero gear combo lines, it does have the highest level of advanced features for its affordable price compared to other motocross gear brands.

Malcolm Stewart, an American Professional Supercross racer and younger brother of the successful motocross racer, James “Bubba” Stewart, prefers the Seven MX Rival Militant gear combo. You can see how dependable this gear is already.

Seven MX Rival Militant is advanced with the same outstanding features as the previous year models like the Rival Zone but, does have the minor tweaks like the futuristic looking Rival Venom.

Compare the different Rival models here: Seven MX Rival

Unrivaled and Unstoppable

The Seven MX Rival Militant is unrivaled for all riders alike, from beginners to professionals. Rival Militant has features that will protect with comfort and last long with incorporated premium elements.

The jersey is profoundly comfortable like other Seven jerseys with its wide neck cut design to line up with the raglan sleeve, instead of the shoulder set-in sleeve; thus will give the rider more mobility and less tugging during the ride.

seven mx rival militant blue cement jersey raglan sleeve
Seven MX – Rival Militant Blue Cement Jersey

We love that Seven MX tailored their gear combos to be an athletic fit, not too tight and not too loose, so there’s less bunching to help prevent abrasion.

Additionally, fine-tune details of strategically placed mesh stretch panels in key areas to provide maximum functionality and performance.

Importantly, the overall construction is made with moisture-wicking material; drawing sweat from the body to the outer surface of the gear to be evaporated quickly to keep the rider cool and dry like most dirt bike gear combos.

seven mx rival militant blue cement jersey
Seven MX – Rival Militant Blue Cement Jersey

Now the newer Rival models like, Venom and Militant, basically has the same amount of laser cut holes as the Zero gear lines.

Zero gear line have more ventilation because of the ultra-lightweight performance material construction but, the Seven MX Rival Militant is far more breathable than the Annex gear line, the lowest price Seven MX gear line for 2018.

Check out the price differences here: Seven MX Gear Combo

Game Changer in Mobility and Performance

Most riders prefer the Seven MX Rival Militant pant over most Seven gear pant out there because of the race cut chassis with durable, breathable polyester material construction and air intake panels to help regulate the rider’s body temperature.

Stretch panels and mesh panels are strategically placed in key areas to provide functionality and performance without discomfort, especially the stretchable panel placed in the crotch area.

seven mx rival militant blue cement pant
Seven MX – Rival Militant Blue Cement Pant

A large, wide wrap-around yoke stretch panel in the upper rear area to prevent the pant from being pulled down; giving the rider mobility.

To accommodate, the anti-slip waist ratchet closure system will provide a secure fit and the inner waistband has a silicone strip to help keep the jersey stay tucked in.

That’s how the Seven MX Rival Militant gear combo is put together as one ultimate gear suit. Seven MX has put much thought and attention on this Rival Militant to be the core gear in being the go-to gear for all riders. Including matching gloves and some Bell helmets collaborated with Seven MX to go with.

Overall, Seven MX gear combos are redefined and definitely the point break to a new beginning for the future to all gear combos.

seven mx rival militant red black pant rear yoke stretch panel
Seven MX – Rival Militant Red/ Black Pant

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seven mx rival militant blue cement and red black gear combo line up
Seven MX – Rival Militant Blue Cement & Red/ Black Gear Combo

At, we recommend giving this gear a try. Especially, if you don’t want to spend too much but still want to get your money’s worth. Seven MX Rival Militant will withstand all and last-long to be worth it. If not, we have Hassle-Free Returns (returns rules.) Not to mention, we offer Instant CashBack (spend and save rules.) will always aim for the very highest levels of services and reliabilities to our enthusiast riders. We provide extremely fast shipping services and offer Free 1-3 Day Shipping on orders over $85.99 (US) (shipping rules.) Feel free to contact us anytime for any questions. 1(805)777-7601. We would love to have you as our loyal rider, so it’s your decision to “Be The One!”

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