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Shift MX 2020 | Overview

Shift MX 2020 Brings Signature Style!

As the motocross calendar turns over, the biggest companies are rolling out their new catalogs. Furthermore, the technical refinements and stylistic choices are being elevated to new heights! Shift MX 2020 starts the show with a motocross apparel line that seems truly second to none. Let’s go over a few of the incredible new gear lines from this legendary MX company.

All Shift products embody one unifying approach: “Serial Simplicity”. The focus is on what matters while stripping away what does not. As a result, the shared level of quality and design across this entire collection of dirt bike gear is staggering. Talk about value!

Shift MX focuses on materials, weight and design innovation. Each collection serves a special purpose that allows us consumers to customize our motocross gear combos based on riding needs and preferences. So you can truly invest on what matters to you… an important distinction indeed.

To be sure, Shift MX pulls no punches with their 2020 dirt bike gear. They have it all: motocross boots, helmets, protection etc. But it’s the riding gear that is really catching everyone’s eye. And they have a variety of tiers and price points to accommodate everyone from the weekend warrior to the pro rider. To that end, let’s break down those tiers to find which one best suits you… literally!

Shift MX 2020 – Blue Label

If it’s the best of the best you are after, then let us humbly submit for your approval the Blue Label gear from Shift MX. This riding gear is top drawer in every way, and is clearly for the most serious of racers. Get ready.

The new Blue Label Snow Camo Jersey is truly next level. Because a  trio of fabric and design features include nylon for durability, spandex for unrestricted movement. You simply will not believe how free and easy you will be moving on the bike as you take yet another podium.

Not to mention body mapping for heat dispersion, which elevates these new motocross jerseys to uncharted territory and what we believe is the most premium offering in the sport.

Behold the impressive new Blue Label Snow Camo Pant. The looks are stunning and the long list of technical features will have you dancing in the aisles. Check out the snow camo graphics, right? The look is like nothing else you will see on your track.

But there is plenty of steak to go with all this sizzle. Because these pants have Cordura stretch nylon construction. So they are beyond durable. In fact, they are downright motocross protective gear. And that is just the beginning. Check it out.

Shift MX 2020 – Black Label

The Black Label Gear from Shift MX is technical, race-ready gear with an uncompromising fit. Not to mention undeniable style! It also sports unbeatable value.

The colors and designs of the 2020 Black Label collection will have you adding gear to your cart in no time… this stuff really looks amazing. Just look at the Black Label Race 1 Jersey, Pant Combo (pictured above)… If you can’t get behind this look- you may want to schedule an appointment with your optometrist. If not your psychiatrist!

While the Black Label Race 1 Pant (pictured below) is the gear of choice for you Honda lovin’ red heads. All in all, there’s something for everyone. You just can’t go wrong with this 2020 MX collection from shift.

With motocross pants that have stretch capabilities and tremendous ventilation, this gear provides the most free and breathable riding experience you may ever get. Moreover, the articulated 600D main body construction will give you the durability and protection to keep you ridin’ and stylin’ for years to come.

Also, it’s great to see that Shift MX is keeping the Black Label G.I. Fro Jersey, Pant Combo around for 2020. It’s an absolute favorite of everyone here at BTO Sports. You can’t stop G.I. Fro!

Shift MX 2020 – White Label

Ready for more? The White Label Collection sets out to elevate expectations for quality, value and above all else style. How? Through simplistic innovations that give you more of what you need and less of what you do not. So why settle for another round of closeout riding gear when you can get this high-quality stuff for just a fraction more? That would just be madness, people.

The White Label Race 2 Jersey, Pant Combo pictured above in that snazzy blue)offers durable, lasting product that does not sacrifice the overall simplistic yet technical point of view. which is to say that there is a lot going on under the hood.  Put even simpler, there are plenty of features despite the low price point.

To be sure, the White Label brings plenty to the table for entry-level apparel. So if you are on a budget or are just a part-time rider these days- this collection is right up your alley. And we did not even mention the motocross gloves that accompany these gear lines. They are equally fantastic!

Come on over to BTO Sports and let us hook you up with some proper riding gear, folks! Because at the end of the day- you really are worth it.

Shift MX 2020 @ BTO Sports

In conclusion, the all-new Shift MX 2020 catalog is dripping with motocross swagger. You should most certainly consider adding some of this great new gear to your arsenal! And you can get yours today- right here, right now at BTO Sports. We have it all in stock and ready to ship out. Do not hesitate! Load up your cart with a new combo to go with your dirt bike parts and get your next MX outing on the books!


Chris Leahy
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