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Shift MX Caballero Collection | Spotlight


Enter the Dragon… The Shift MX Caballero Collection.

Steve Caballero is a skateboarding and extreme sports legend. His innovative designs span the decades… And now Shift MX has collaborated with the master. As the result, the new Caballero Collection is here and it commands your immediate attention!

The Shift MX Black Label motocross apparel elevates expectations for quality, value and style. In short, Black Label offers technology-driven, race-ready gear. We’re talking an uncompromised fit, an undeniable style and unbeatable features at its tier. As Shift MX’s premium racewear offering, the Black Label is focused on stretch and ventilation. Thus providing the most free and breathable riding experience.

Comin’ right at you!

Moreover, Steve “Cab” Caballero takes the Black Label to new style heights! Just look at this Caballero Jersey, Pant Combo! Clearly, Cab is all about style. As well as creativity, individuality and doing things on his terms. To that end, these ideals are the inspiration behind the Cab Collection.

First up, let’s check out a video that details Steve joining the Shift MX design team. It also gives some great insight into his legendary career. Also, great videos like these can always be found on the BTO Sports YouTube Channel– so check that out as well! Enjoy:

Bones Brigade, y’all…

One of the most influential skateboarders of all-time, Steve Caballero, is known best for his background in skate, his incredible art and his passion for all things two wheels. We recently teamed up with CAB to celebrate all of these things along with his current obsession with moto, to bring you the SHIFT x Steve Caballero Collection. Grab a new Caballero Pullover Hoody from Shift MX and get involved!

Thumbs up, indeed…

Black Label Caballero Jersey

The Black Label Caballero Jersey utilizes a multi-panel construction for superior fit and feel. It has a close yet non-restrictive fit. furthermore, its minimalistic micro-cuffs keep your arms uninhibited. Lastly, moisture-wicking fabric is used on the main body to keep you cool and dry. While mesh paneling on the arms channels air through the jersey.

Jersey Features

  • Multi-panel construction for a superior fit and feel
  • Technical moisture wicking polyester main body
  • Precision-fit micro sleeve cuffs for minimal wrist restriction and seamless fit with motocross gloves
  • Mesh paneling on arms and front lower torso for maximum ventilation
  • Bonded neck opening reduces weight and overall profile
  • Premium 3D silicone logo treatment
  • Fade resistant sublimated graphics
  • Drop tail keeps jersey tucked in
  • Hip pads sold separately
  • Matching gear available
  • Main body: Moisture wicking polyester
  • Arms: Mesh ventilation panels
  • Lower torso: Mesh ventilation panels

Designed for the bold and the fearless, these motocross jerseys combine high-performance functionality with world leading style. To be sure, they’ve got performance at their core.

Serious Motocross Pants.

Black Label Caballero Pant

The Black Label Caballero Pant utilizes a combination of rigid and stretch paneling to give you the perfect balance of durability and rider movement. Strategic articulation helps you move more naturally on the bike – thoughtfully cut and sewn, this paneling puts you in the most comfortable riding position possible.

Pant Features

  • Rigid and stretch panels for the ideal balance of flexibility and durability
  • 600D main body provides durability while minimizing weight
  • Laser perforated ventilation panels on knees and rear yoke for enhanced airflow
  • Lightweight stretch mesh lower leg for increased comfort inside the boot
  • Stretch rear yoke and front gusset allow for unrestricted movement
  • Triple-layer knee provides excellent abrasion resistance inside & out
  • External leather knee panels for heat & abrasion resistance
  • Ideal for motocross protective gear underneath
  • 4-way rip-stop stretch paneling provides unrestricted movement
  • Form-fitting construction for enhanced on-the-bike performance
  • Internal silicone waistband keeps your jersey tucked
  • Mesh internal liner for increased comfort
  • Premium 3D silicone logo treatment
  • Secure ratchet waist closure

Especially relevant are the 4-way stretch knees and back yoke panels that add flexibility in all the right places. Furthermore, when temperatures rise- these motocross pants stay cool. Because a combination of laser-cut perforations, vented knee panels, and breathable rear yoke work together to make sure you don’t overheat mid-ride.

Beware of the dragon.

White Label Caballero Helmet

The White Label Caballero Helmet has an aggressive and unique design which eliminates bulk and maximizes utility and function. This means less weight, more durability, and a style you won’t find anywhere else.

The helmet has a total of 15 vents – ten intakes, 5 exhaust – to channel a massive volume of air through the helmet to keep you cool and dry. Furthermore, enjoy the reinvented visor which removes the center post. Clearly, this will help prevent breaks during small, slow speed falls.

Poetry in motion…

Helmet Features

  • Steve Caballero Collection
  • Shell design eliminates bulk and maximizes utility and function
  • Injection molded ABS/PC shell reduces weight while maintaining durability
  • Dual density EPS internal foam for superior impact absorption
  • Wide view port accommodates most/all dirt bike goggles
  • Ten intake and five exhaust vents provide maximum air intake and airflow
  • Unique fixed visor system allows more direct air channeling
  • Removable / Washable inner cheek pads and crown liner system
  • Stainless steel D-Ring chinstrap closure
  • ECE & DOT approved
Any questions?

To be sure, the Shift White Label Caballero Helmet combines Steve Caballero’s roots in art and skateboarding with his current passion for motocross. These dirt bike helmets make a statement!

Especially relevant are the simplistic innovations that give you more of what you need and less of what you don’t. Certainly, the White Label Helmet offers riders a durable, price-conscious, long-lasting product.

And there’s more…

Serious Moto Casual Wear.

Shift MX Caballero Casual Wear

In addition to the MX apparel and helmet, Steve Caballero threw in a few Men’s Casual clothing items. T-Shirts and hats are always in fashion, and these new offerings from Shift will look great on you after a day on the track.

For example, the Caballero Tee (pictured on Steve above) is a tremendous way to show your love of moto. The beauty is in its simplicity. And it’s also available as a hoody- for year round warmth and style.

This Caballero Hat is part of a collection that that reflects these rebellious ideals and Steve himself. A mix of his roots in art and skateboarding and his current passion for moto.

All in all, it seems the “Cab Lab” has really been cooking! From head to toe, helmet to pants- this gear really looks amazing. What’s more, the jersey is available in youth sizes! So be sure and grab your Youth Caballero Jersey when you get your new combo. And hook up your favorite little rider!

Best of all- it’s all waiting for you at BTO Sports… so-

Race on over to BTO!

Caballero Collection @ BTO Sports

In conclusion, the Caballero Collection is well worth investigating if you’re in the market for new dirt bike gear. The helmet is awesome! And the riding gear and casual efforts are very pleasing to the eye as well. Moreover, it’s all right here at BTO Sports. In stock and ready to ship! We got all those dirt bike parts you need too. Come on by today, and let us hook you up.

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