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Shift MX White Label Boots | Product Spotlight

Shift White Label Boot Spotlight

A New Boot For New Riders

Motocross riders are always looking for an edge on the competition. Shift MX knows this and set out to redefine what an affordable motocross boot is all about, the engineers went all out and came up with the brand new Shift MX White Label boots. Completely new and based on their big brother, the Fox Instinct, the White Label boots will up your style while propelling your riding to another level.

Shift MX White Label Boots
The Shift MX White Label Boots are brand new from the ground up.

The designers at Shift MX wanted to come up with a new boot that not only would look good but would function just as well as it looks. TheWhite Label boot is packed with many features that are not usually seen on an entry level boot. Features such as a precise fit around the ankle and the toe box that gives the rider maximum support, comfort while riding.

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The Right Fit

An all new floating cuff system for the White Label boots allows for a more natural movement. This gives the boot a more agile feel on the bike while locking out to prevent hyperextension.

With all these added safety features that are normally seen on higher end boots, the Shift MX White Label boot fits snug and has zero pull at the heel. Breaking in these bad boys right out of the box is no problem and will feel comfortable on your first ride.

Shift White Label Boot - Side

Set Yourself Apart

What sets these dirt bike boots apart from the competition is the all-new closure system that marries support and rider movement. Utilizing 2 lower buckles that are borrowed from the Instinct boots and a never seen before silicone strap at the calf makes the boot ultra snug and provides the right fit.

The silicone strap can be adjusted out to four size settings for riders with larger size calfs if needed.

Shift MX White Label Boot - Inside
Durable Rubber panels provide max traction to grip the bike

Sliding into the White Label boots is a simple process. The set-it-and-forget-it memory setting of the lower buckles means you never have to fidget with the right fit.

For motocross riders, this is a big deal, as we want the same fit and feel everytime we hit the track from our motocross gear.

Safety was a top priority when Shift MX designed the White Label boot. For total protection, a plastic plate at the ship, calf, heel and toe box gives the rider’s foot protection from anything.




At the bottom of the boot, Shift MX fitted a durable rubber outsole that provides excellent grip on all foot peg surfaces. No longer do you have to worry about slipping off the peg

Shift MX White Label Boots Technical Features:

  • Floating cuff system provides lateral support & fluid linear movement while locking out before the hyperextension of ankle
  • TPU shin plate, calf guard, heel cap & full toe coverage
  • Exclusive silicone closure system on shin plate allows shin to flex with the motion of the boot
  • Durable rubber medial and burn guard provides excellent grip and feel of the bike
  • Durable rubber outsole with internal steel shank
  • Two Instinct style lower buckles for a secure zero heel lift fit
    Instant step in comfort

Shift MX White Label Boot - Back

Performance, Style at an Affordable Price

With 4 different colors to match anyone’s style, the Shift MX White Label boots give entry-level riders access to top quality protection at a fraction of the price.

You don’t have to sacrifice safety when it comes to price, as the White Label boot from Shift MX will keep you safe while propelling you to the top spot!

The Shift MX White Label boots retail for $219.95 and are available now at


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