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Shoei ADV Helmets | Product Spotlight

Shoei ADV Helmets – A Cut Above.

In the world of adventure riding and dual sport, the name of the game is comfort. On long ADV rides, Shoei ADV Helmets prove their weight in gold! Because Shoei adds style and safety to their ridiculously comfortable line of top adventure motorcycle helmets. And today we take a look at a few!

Striking the optimal balance between on-and-off-road form and function. Shoei offers serious dual-sport enthusiasts the perfect helmet for all corners of their journey. They’re designed to maintain peak performance in every condition thrown its way. And to work seamlessly with Adventure Touring Communications devices. All without compromising the core values of a long distance touring helmet.

Make no mistake, Shoei ADV Helmets are true all-road, all-weather helmets.


Shoei Hornet X2 Helmet

The Shoei Hornet X2 Navigate Helmet represents the golden standard in dual sport or adventure helmets. Adventure riding really blurs the lines on what is and isn’t “Dual Sport”, but the Hornet X2 allows you to go anywhere your bike takes you.

Here’s a video breakdown of the Shoei Hornet X2 Helmet. Much like the 60 Second Product Reviews you might see on the BTO Sports YouTube Channel, this gives a real nice overview! Enjoy:

The Hornet X2 replaces the previously successful Hornet helmet. And one of the major upgrades to this new Hornet is the visor. The visor on the Hornet X2 features louvers in the peak. This eliminates the resistance you get from wind. Which increases speed on the bike. The shape of the helmet with the visor is really what makes this helmet stand out from other dual sport helmets.



The shape of the mouthpiece area greatly reduces wind resistance on the helmet. Which in turn helps minimize the drag… more like what you would expect from traditional motorcycle street helmets. The Hornet sports excellent ventilation with two brow vents. Furthermore, it has exhaust vents that allow the air to push heat and humidity through the exhaust vents in the back of the helmet. While the rider remains cool… And comfortable!

A multi stage lower vent in the mouthpiece area allows the rider to fine tune airflow to accommodate the ever changing riding conditions. Just hit up your GPS Navigation Systems for current weather, and make your adjustments on the fly!


Shoei RF-1200 Helmet

The latest generation in the most prestigious pedigree of premium full-face motorcycle helmets, the RF-1200 Helmet. Like its many RF predecessors, it’s the new pinnacle of helmet performance and technology.

This is a lighter, more compact and streamlined Shoei ADV helmet. And it’s got next-level functionality! SHOEI’s RF-1200 rules every aspect of the road, and then some. But don’t just take the critics’ rave reviews for face value; it’s your turn to experience the excitement of riding in an RF-1200. Like the RF-1200 Ruts Helmet shown below!


These helmets feature the Max Dry System. It quickly absorbs and dissipates sweat and moisture. Especially relevant is that this liner is replaceable and washable. In short, this liner acts as an Adventure Base Layer for the head! Also, the liner features the Emergency Quick-Release System. This allows emergency personnel to easily remove the cheek pads in case a rider is injured.

Ventilation of the RF-1200 is controlled with a large lower three position vent with three upper air vent intakes and four uniquely positioned upper exhaust outlet vents. These combine with the Dual Density EPS liner to allow cooling air to travel unrestricted through tunnels created in the liner itself.  The large eyeport is ideal for handling Motorcycle Cameras. The CWR-1 Pinlock shield features ribs on top and bottom of the shield to improve rigidity and eliminate bending of the shield caused by wind pressure of the opening and closing of the shield.

Shoei has a new base plate for the RF-1200 series. Like the infamous RF-1200 Intense Helmet shown above. The Quick release self adjusting base plate is spring loaded and pulls the shield back onto the helmet, sealing it tightly against wind and rain. The addition of five-stage rotating dial allows for fine tuning of the base place for easy shield adjustments.

All in all, the RF-1200 Series ADV helmets from Shoei are unmatched in value! The perfect dual sport helmet for its price range. And every bit as important as the Dual Sport Jackets you intend to buy- if not more so!


Shoei ADV Helmets @ BTO Sports

And naturally, these great Shoei ADV helmets are available right here at BTO Sports! Please, check our site today. You will find it all… From helmets to boots. And everything in between. Believe it! We also have a complete line of Women’s Adventure Riding Gear – so hook up your wife or girlfriend too! Hit up our  Adventure/Dual Sport Section. Take the plunge! And get your adventure started properly.

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