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Shoei GT-Air II Helmet | Spotlight


Tame the Streets in the New Shoei GT-Air II Helmet.

As we all know, Shoei is a name synonymous with quality motorcycle helmets. And their latest offering, the GT-Air II Helmet, only enhances their lofty reputation! In this blog we’ll take a hard look at what makes this helmet so special. Let’s do this.

With the innovative and highly-acclaimed GT-Air Helmet as its baseline, the all-new GT-Air II is destined for greatness! To be sure, the Air II continues a fine tradition of rider satisfaction. Furthermore, advancements in design, functionality and performance have further evolved Shoei’s premiere full-face touring helmet.

First, let’s go to the video! Here’s one from the manufacturer, hyping up this great new helmet. Great content like this can also be found regularly on the BTO Sports YouTube Channel. So lock it in! Enjoy:

Oh my…

The GT-Air II features a lengthened internal sun shield for optimal sun-glare protection. Secondly, it sports an all-new “first position” shield opening for advanced ventilation and defogging. Also, enhanced aerodynamics and noise-reduction technology really smooth out the ride. Finally, the ability to seamlessly integrate with the all-new SENA SRL2 Communication System / Audio Headsets gets you chattering with your friends in no time. All in all, the GT-Air II is equipped to accommodate your every need.

Ready to roll…

GT-Air II Helmet Features

The features of these new dual sport helmets will simply blow your moto mind! Certainly, we’re talking about more than just aggressive styling and aesthetics. Because the GT-Air II’s progressive shell shape is compact and uniquely streamlined. As a result, it reduces air resistance and drag.

Additionally, an improved, airtight window beading brings the calm. Not to mention the enhanced internal sun shield system that prevents unwanted wind noise inside the helmet. So adventure touring communications have some pristine clarity to them… Which is awesome.

But we’re just getting started!

GT-Air II Helmet | Ventilation Performance

The GT-Air II is wind-tunnel optimized to maximize airflow and reduce unwanted noise. So it stays nice and quiet for your use of dual sport accessories like mp3’s etc. Moreover, the GT-Air II’s three (3) intake and five (5) exhaust vents are strategically shaped and positioned! Which gives improved cool air intake and hot air expulsion. Shoei has also redesigned the upper air intake shutter. Which combines with an enlarged lower air intake opening to yield greater airflow throughout the entire helmet.

GT-Air II Helmet | Shield System

The GT-Air II’s advanced shield system provides a large, distortion-free view. Furthermore, it facilitates smooth and easy shield changes as needed for your motorcycle eyewear. It also features an all-new “first position” shield opening, and comes equipped with a lengthened internal sun shield for optimal relief from sun glare in one quick motion.

GT-Air II Helmet | Safety

Few characteristics of motorcycle helmets are as critically important as its first and second layers of defense. Which is precisely why the GT-Air II features the Shoei-exclusive Multi-Ply Matrix AIM shell. And the Multi-Piece/Multi-Density EPS liner. It’s all critical to Shoei’s renowned combination of comfort and safety.

GT-Air II Helmet | Comfort

The GT-Air II is equipped with a fully removable, washable, adjustable, and replaceable 3D Max-Dry Interior System. Which is capable of dissipating sweat 2x faster than traditional nylon interiors. It’s not unlike much of the newer, vented motorcycle apparel, but inside the helmet! Also, there’s multi-layer cheek pads for comfort and helmet stabilization along with premium two-tone interior fabric. Lastly, red stitching accentuates the GT-Air II’s unmatched fit and finish.

Shoei GT-Air II Helmet @ BTO Sports

In conclusion, Shoei has hit another home run. These new GT-Air II Helmets are every bit as good as advertised. Moreover, they’re right here at BTO Sports! In stock and ready to ship. And we have all your needed motorcycle parts too. One stop shopping- that’s how we roll! On a budget? No worries. Because we also boast a tremendous motorcycle closeout section with all kinds of great values. Come on by and see the selection and prices. You’ll be an instant fan.

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