Published on Sep 21, 2017

The world’s most evolved motocross helmet has evolved. Long overdue? Perhaps. But world-class engineering and quality take time. Fully loaded with next-level performance, safety, style and progression. The all-new VFX-EVO proudly boasts the SHOEI-exclusive Motion Energy Distribution System [M.E.D.S.]. It’s strategically engineered to reduce rotational acceleration energy to the head. All in the event of an accident. Safety first makes first aid second!

Completely reimagined and re-engineered without sacrificing an ounce of the quality and performance that have given SHOEI motocross and off-road riders championship-worthy confidence for nearly a decade, the all-new VFX-EVO has finally arrived. Worth the wait? We thought you’d agree.

VFX-EVO Helmet Spec Sheet

  • Lightweight, Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus (AIM+) Shell
  • Fiber glass, high-performance organic, 3-D structures and other organic fibers
  • Aerodynamic shell properties maximized through extensive wind tunnel and rider testing
  • Expanded rib shapes across rear of shell enhances goggle strap holding performance
  • Four (4) shell sizes for best mx helmet fitment
  • 3D Max-Dry removable comfort liner system absorbs two times (2X) its weight in moisture
  • Emergency Quick Release System (E.Q.R.S.) features special straps under cheek pads to aid emergency personnel in helmet removal
  • Dual EPS liner with internal air channeling to maximize air flow-through ventilation
  • Removable cheeks pads available in optional sizes to personalize rider fitment
  • Motion Energy Distribution System (M.E.D.S.); a new, specially inserted module of the EPS liner

Here’s a “First Look” courtesy of VitalMX. A great in-depth look at these great new motocross helmets! The emphasis on safety is particularly impressive. Check it out:

Ventilation Performance

Developed in SHOEI’s in-house wind tunnel to realize optimal vent port shapes, sizes and locations… The VFX-W’s advanced ventilation performance has been optimized to excel in the demanding confines of off-road and motocross environments.


Through a state-of-the-art shell forming technology exclusive to SHOEI, the VFX-W incorporates the aerodynamic advantages of a spoiler into its shell. This consistent shell thickness guarantees the proper strength and weight of each and every dirt bike helmet. Believe it!


Few characteristics of a motorcycle helmet are as critical as its first and second layers of defense. Which is precisely why the VFX-W features the SHOEI-exclusive Multi-Ply Matrix AIM+ shell and Dual-Layer, Multi-Density EPS liner. Dig it!

Why Shoei? So Many Reasons…

There are a number of reasons why more riders worldwide choose the VFX Series over all other motocross helmets.  But we’re happy to list a few! The extremely strong and lightweight hand-laid AIM+ Shell construction comes to mind. Add to that unrivaled ventilation performance. Then a 3D Max-Dry Interior, E.Q.R.S., and Dual-Layer/Multi-Density EPS Liner. Just to name a few. But it’s one simple word that sums it up the best- confidence.

Shoei is a proven performer. Thanks to the unmatched safety, performance and quality. And when you note the superiority of the VFX Series, team riders unanimously prefer them! We’re talking names like Josh Grant, Dean Wilson, Robby Bell, and Taka Higashino. Yes sir! They ride, race, and compete with maximum confidence that comes from the VFX Series. Shouldn’t you?

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Resources: Shoei, YouTube