Published on Oct 26, 2017

The Simpson Ghost Bandit Glory helmet is a limited edition graphic full of patriotic pride.

Retains all the same Ghost Bandit features! This Simpson Motorcycle Helmet is designed to handle just about any type of riding in killer style and complete comfort.. The Ghost Bandit is DOT and ECE certified. The feather-weight shell is  tuned up for motorcycle riding. Furthermore, it is fully ventilated to keep you cool. Integrated speaker and microphone pockets are standard- which helps install communications with ease.

A drop-down sun visor behind the shield allows for you to adapt to changing light conditions. The Ghost Bandit Glory helmet allows you to fly the flag proudly in style and comfort on the road ahead.

Ghost Bandit Helmet Features

First off, you will be pleased to know that this Ghost Bandit Glory helmet has just as much substance as it does style. Believe it! Let us break it down for you. The lightweight shell is aerodynamically tuned for motorcycle riding. Additionally, it is fully ventilated for maximum airflow. And these vents are in all those places you need them most.

While your friends toil in hot, uncomfortable helmets, you can stay cool and look cool. Ghost Bandit style!

Furthermore, integrated speaker and microphone pockets make it easy to install your favorite communication device. So, whether you’re talking to your buddies or blasting Led Zeppelin- this helmet has the tech to make it happen. And a drop-down sun visor makes riding through changing light conditions a breeze. In summary, you need to jump on your motorcycle, strap up this Simpson Helmet and see who salutes!

Ghost Bandit Helmet Safety

A correctly fitted helmet should feel as if an evenly distributed pressure is continuously being exerted around the head and cheeks. Helmets, like shoes, will break in. For this reason, the helmet should fit as tight as you can stand to wear it. Once fastened, make sure the helmet cannot be pulled off of the head in any direction. If the helmet moves significantly, the helmet is too big. When in doubt, hit up the Simpson Helmets Size Chart!

First time helmet buyers choose helmets that are too loose or too big. Since this is the case, ask questions! If the Simpson helmets bandit does not fit well, it cannot deliver the level of protection you need. This is a plain fact. It is imperative that the right size is ordered.

Lastly, any questions with regard to helmet sizes can be directed to our sales staff at BTO Sports. So please call us with any queries on the matter!

Simpson Helmets @ BTO Sports

Performance, innovation, distinctive style and quality are just some of the reasons for choosing Simpson Helmets. And perhaps no helmet on the market can match the look of the Ghost Bandit Glory Helmet! This thing is a Yankee-Doodle-Dandy. Moreover, it looks even more impressive in person! Most relevant is the fact that BTO Sports has Simpson Helmets for sale, and are ready to serve you. The Ghost Bandit Glory is available in limited quantities, so order yours today. Because they’ll be gone before you know it.