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Slayco Casual 2019 | Spotlight

Slayco Casual 2019 Makes A Serious Moto Statement.

Looking to update your closet for the upcoming summer months? Look no further! Because Slayco Casual 2019 is a treasure trove of great, motocross-inspired casual wear options. Please be advised- continuing this blog may very well be detrimental to your wallet! You’re going to want some of this Slayco swag for sure.

Let’s face it, everyone’s always on the prowl for some trick new motocross summer wear. And with Slayco on the job, there are plenty of great options afoot! From classic t-shirt designs to hoodies and hats- Slayco is bringing it in 2019.

And BTO Sports has it all. So let’s begin the rundown!

Slayco Casual 2019 – Core Tee

First off, every man’s closet needs a few ‘go-to’ t-shirts. So get to this Core with the Slayco Core Tee. Inspired by Slayco himself, Axell Hodges, this tee has Slayco emblazoned on the front and back to show you’re as Core as anyone…

Tee Features

  • Regular Fit
  • Crew Neck, Mid Weight, 180 GSM
  • 100% Combined Cotton 
  • Neck Ribbing, Side Seamed, Shoulder To Shoulder Tape, Double Needle Hems
  • Pre-shrunk to minimize shrinkage

Pretty sweet right? Especially relevant to any rider’s closet is a glorious set of motocross t-shirts. This is always going to be the case. And with Slayco now here killing it on this front, we are in good hands for the foreseeable future. If you like the Core- we got another one for ya!

Slayco Casual 2019 – Stakd Tee

The beat goes on with the all-new Stakd Tee from Slayco. Simple, black , classic! This tee will be an absolute staple in your wardrobe. The soft feel of 100% Cotton is only bested by the cool Slayco graphics. This one is a true keeper.

Tee Features

  • Regular Fit
  • Crew Neck, Mid Weight, 180 GSM
  • 100% Combined Cotton 
  • Neck Ribbing, Side Seamed, Shoulder To Shoulder Tape, Double Needle Hems
  • Pre-shrunk to minimize shrinkage

Slayco is bringing some heat and steam with this 2019 collection… no doubt. But the quality really is there along with the suave good looks. Premium materials make these Slayco casual items a great value. Not to mention a sick way to improve your look at the local bars and taverns.

Slayco Casual 2019 – Skull 96 Hoodie

Ready for more? We thought so. The casual wear onslaught continues with the 2019 Slayco Skull 96 Hoodie. Style galore meets functionality galore! Everyone needs a good hoodie- and for you, this one could very well be the one. Be the one? Now where have we heard that before…

Hoodie Features

  • Regular Fit / Streamlined as always…
  • Hood w/Drawcord, Mid Weight, 180 GSM
  • 100% Combined Cotton – COMFORT.
  • Kanga Pocket, Side Seamed, Shoulder To Shoulder Tape, Double Needle Hems
  • Pre-shrunk to minimize shrinkage

Noteworthy to all you gear heads is knowing that motocross hoodies, jackets and wovens are really good to have in the closet year round. A common misconception is that you only wear hoodies in the Fall & Winter. WRONG! It gets cool early morning and late night at the bonfire. So load up on this one now.

Slayco Casual 2019 – Skull 96 Hat

Time to bring it all together, yes? And that means the all-new, hot-off-the-press Slayco Skull 96 Hat. What a beauty! The familiar black and white styling syncs up perfectly with anything you got going on underneath. It’s truly a hat for seasons, a hat for all occasions.

Hat Features

  • Medium profile 
  • Natural curved bill
  • Structured crown/Built to last 
  • Trick Slayco Logo stitching
  • Snap back adjustable

Just look at this close-up below. After all, a pic is worth a thousand words, right? If so, then this one is really speaking volumes…

Without question, nothing ‘caps off’ the look like a good lid. The baseball cap is perhaps the most basic building block of the modern man’s wardrobe. You gotta have them! Several really. To that end, these motocross hats and beanies from Slayco will serve you well for years to come.

In fact, all of the Slayco Casual 2019 lineup is ready to serve. If you ride (and you know that you do!), then you know that keeping up with the MX casual/licensed motocross clothing is just part of the deal. It’s actually a big part of the fun. It’s our identity. Our name tag to the MX community. Get some moto conversations started by rocking some great new Slayco casual!

Slayco Casual 2019 @ BTO Sports

In conclusion, we all know that MX-inspired men’s casual clothing is easy to find. But to find stuff that really sends the right message without going overboard? That’s the trick. And the folks at Slayco know this better than anyone. Moreover, we have all of this new Slayco Casual 2019 right here at BTO Sports!

So next time your over here for your dirt bike parts or your next round of motocross apparel– be sure to hit up the Slayco department as well! You’ll be glad that you did. This stuff is well made and really does look incredible. Don’t hesitate to ‘ride or die’ with Slayco casual- it gets it done!

Chris Leahy
CL has been blogging it up for BTO Sports since the days when Bob "Hurricane" Hannah ruled the motocross roost. In fact, his guerilla-style coverage of the now-infamous "Massacre at Saddleback" is now considered one of the great MX blogs of all time. Enjoy the blogs, folks- that's the whole idea!